Saturday, January 03, 2015

Let Water Be Your Inspiration In 2015

The year 2015 has been designated the year of soil which also means that 2015 is the year of water- for without water soil cannot survive. The inextricable link between the health of our soil and our own health is forever joined to the health of our water. I can say that from experience as my own health has suffered for these past few months and in that time I have learned even more the incredible power of water in providing a healthy balanced body and soul.

For close to a decade now I have also tried as best I can to relay this symbiosis in my entries on this blog. Last year 76 entries covered water quality to access, political corruption to control and pollute it for profit, the effects of climate destruction, privatization and the link between water and humanity. This year will be no different as these challenges become even more important to disseminate. I personally have deemed 2015 not to just be the year of soil but the year of illumination. I say that because a great light is being distinguished and it must not be allowed to go out... that would be the light within all of us that illuminates our path to the knowledge of what is truly important for our survival.

Water is the key element in our understanding our place on this Earth. Water is the equalizer. Water is the liquid from which we spring into life. Water is our very breath. As we now enter into yet another year we must be cognizant more than ever of the crossroads humanity now stands at regarding this relationship. Through greed, selfishness and political corruption that dismisses the concept and practice of humanity as an ideological fantasy with material goods being more important than our true legacy we as a species have now rendered this Earth unsustainable for a large portion of not only the human species but all others as the rate of extinction continues to increase due to human invasion of habitats as climate destruction becomes more severe and prevalent around the globe.

As we say goodbye to the last year and seek to now do the best we can in this new one the message and solution to doing so remain the same: Respect our Earth (water, air, land, soil) and respect each other. This one simple sentence if heeded by all would solve all of our problems. I would be remiss to not say that I have lost some hope this can ever be achieved on a wide enough scale to have us see the world we should see for future generations. However, I still have hope that those who understand this message and are not letting the inner light be extinguished are enough in number to see that this new year of 2015 can be a year of illumination... of hope... of humanity... of clean water for all. Be part of the solution. Hold politicians accountable. Speak out against corporate crimes against nature. Work for water/climate justice for all.

Thank you also to those who read this blog and who make a conscious effort every day to be that light. Unfortunately, this blog doesn't get the readership I would like. I suppose not being a celebrity or someone who markets themselves does present a unleveled playing field in this modern society in the attempt to reach people even on the Internet. Therefore, if you do read this blog and like what you read and find it informative please pass it on.

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One bright spot in the year.

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