Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014-The year of clean water and climate justice?

We say goodbye to another year and look to a new one. A 365 page book of blank pages in which we can now write our story. Will those pages include your story about taking steps to ensure clean water and access for those who do not have it? Will it include taking action to bring about a world free of fossil fuels and its toxic effects on our water, air, land and health? In this past year and in the six years before it I have written here about the many challenges the world faces regarding water access, sanitation, pollution, privatization and the effects of our disregard for this most precious resource as well as the effects of climate change and our contribution to it.

While we have seen some good things in the past year regarding more getting access to water, we still see grave threats to developing lands regarding access, sanitation and the effects of climate change most prominent among them drought and floods as well as ocean acidification. In relaying those threats I have also tried to relay solutions to these problems and crises because I do believe that anyone who takes on the challenge of relaying information in an age where distraction rules is doing a good and necessary thing and because as bleak as it may seem I still have hope in humanity as a whole.

Therefore, I will continue to bring information on the many facets of water and climate change and the challenges we face in 2014. I hope this information not only makes you aware but empowers you to spread it and take action. The threats and effects we now face from climate change in this Anthropocene epoch we have now precipitated especially in regards to water resources and climate will not be solved by status quo solutions. It will take sacrifice, innovation and perseverence. We must not only speak with our modems but with our voices, bodies and votes.

Despite the precarious situation we find our world in today regarding our environment however, there is always the hope of the human spirit. 2014 must be the year we regain that spirit in order to see the world we know we can have if we really want it. Access to clean water for all: Access to sanitation: Climate Justice: A global renaissance bringing affordable clean energy to those most affected in developing countries with them being a part of the transition to not only see a cleaner healthier world but one where all have access to the opportunities that will lift them out of poverty: Accountability of those responsible for the continued destruction of our planet all for a false choice.

For far too long we have heard the promises of those in power whose words are empty. This must now be the time when the peoples' voice becomes stronger and louder.

I hope your 2014 book is filled with good things and that you are one of those voices. I will be here filling my own pages and letting my voice be heard with you.

Thank you for the support in 2013. Let's make 2014 a year we will never forget. A year we were not only kinder to the Earth and each other, but a year when we staked our claim to a clean energy and water future.

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