Arctic Ice, Oceans, Climate And The Human Condition

As of this writing the Arctic ice continues its rapid melting (regardless of what parrots of denier websites claim) surpassing what was expected by scientists. Biodiversity continues to decrease as consumption increases. Strains upon our resources (particularly water) continue as population rises. Reports by the EIA state that energy consumption will increase by 56% by 2040. In other words, we the human species are affecting the Earth in ways we never have before. It is said we have entered a new epoch in history known as the Anthropocene Era where humans now control where this Earth goes based on our behavior. And yet, we still see no drastic action taking place on the part of governments including our own to aggressively address the crises that we face.

We are still debating, arguing and using politics as a crutch to not have to take action out of fear, complacency, comfort and greed. Environmental organizations tasked with holding governments accountable also play a partisan game that takes precedence over doing what is necessary. We already see that regarding the current administration. We have allowed politics and ego to take precedence over a true moral imperative with both sides seeming to find more pleasure in bickering over what is necessary regarding all of our survival and the survival of those to come than really doing something.

Which makes me wonder more times than I used to if we as a species are even capable of addressing crises such as what we now face with our climate. I really do not know how much clearer the warnings can be made: Humans are forcing the climate system as never before during our existence due to the overloading of our atmosphere and oceans with CO2 and other potent greenhouses gases like methane. This is pushing the hydrologic and carbon cycles beyond natural boundaries and leaving us living in a world where we are playing Russian Roulette with our very lives. We are in essence performing a scientific experiment without any regard for the precautionary principle or scientific ethics. Every day we continue to add to the CO2 pollution in our atmosphere is one more day in our future we can be assured we will see an exacerbation of this crisis.

NASA Video: This Is The US In 2100

Yet, we also hear nothing from deniers but that climate change stopped 16 years ago which was already debunked because well, the atmosphere isn't the only part of the world... unless of course, you are a cherry picker.

The Consensus Project

No Warming In 16 Years

Are the oceans not part of this world? If they have indeed been storing over 90% of CO2 emissions with us still seeing 2000-2010 as the hottest decade on record it is only a testament to the warming effect of greenhouse gases.

What we are also experiencing now are the time lag effects of the CO2 we have been emitting into the atmosphere for the last 100 plus years. This besides now seeing the effects of ocean acidification is not something to be dismissed, especially when using 16 years as a basis point when we have been seeing this much longer and warning of the effects since the 1800s.

What we have now put into motion should be the central concern, not quibbling over cherry picked points of reference skewing them to suit an agenda.

This is serious because what is now occurring globally is a direct reflection of what we have become and what we have forgotten about regarding our place on this Earth.

Each Degree Of Global Warming Might Ultimately Raise Global Sea Levels By More Than 2 Meters

NOAA Scientists Embark On Voyage To Assess Ocean Acidification

Biodiversity decline, record Arctic sea ice melt and loss, ocean acidification, drastic changes in jet stream affecting climate, aquifer depletion and peak oil are all leading us to our turning point as a species. Only 20% of current total fossil fuel reserves can be utilized to keep the world under the 2 degree C threshold that is said will bring upon us the tipping point.

Renewables Growing But World Still On Course To Smash 2 C-EIA

Warmer Conditions Cause Open Water Areas In The Arctic

There then appears to be no other answer to this at this point but civil disobedience against the status quo that is resolute in keeping business as usual regardless of the consequences and to disenthrall ourselves from the system we have built on greed where money means more than a sustainable planet.

On a brighter note I think we are beginning to see the signs of a shift in consciousness. The urgent question that needs to be asked however, is this shift happening at a pace that will outrun the pace of what we may now see as runaway climate change in this Anthropocene Era? I leave you to answer that.


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