Humanitarian Disaster in the Sahara

Algeria has stranded 13,000 migrants in the Sahara forcing them to walk across it in response to EU directive to North Africa to lessen migration across the Mediterranean. These migrants come from regions torn by war, violence, poverty and climate change. In searching for solutions this is definitely not a solution, nor it is anything but a human rights violation. These migrants are sent out without water or food and many do not make it.

The podcast here Migrants Abandoned In Searing Sahara explains this crisis and sheds light on the reasons behind it. Much thanks to Arianne Kirtley, founder and director of Amman Imman/Water Is Life for bringing this to my attention. This is not being covered in the media as it should be.

We are seeing such inhumane treatment on a scale across our globe that must lead us to questioning why in this age of progress can we not provide the basest yet most important needs to humans. Why it is that cruelty and apathy are always seen as the way to handle…

We Are The Cure

I hit a milestone this week as it has been a year since my surgery for stage four ovarian cancer. One year that has been filled with healing, hardship and trying to adapt to a life that has been filled as well with reflection and also sadness. I have had this blog for over a decade and have brought forth a myriad of issues and information that spans the globe. So much time spent sending out an SOS about the crisis of humanity centering on water, our source of life.

As we look out into the world today we see more pollution, more corporatization, more war and a climate crisis now truly illustrating that consequences not considered can reap a deadly future. News of corals in the Great Barrier reef dying, to continued pollution of our oceans from spills, plastic, fracking, overfishing and extreme warming (and Arctic Amplification) souping up storms, the most devastating Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria, which also laid bare not just the effects of extreme climate, but the persistent…

The Future Is Now the Present

Climate Bellwether? With Cape Town Almost Out of Water, "Day Zero" Looms

Is this a foretaste of the future in the present? Don't say we weren't warned. Water is the one thing taken most for granted and the one thing we can't live without. We will see this scenario playing out in other places globally and we are not prepared on a global scale to face it.

I have been on hiatus the last year due to my Stage IV cancer. My journey is not over although my last CT scan showed no sign of disease after six cycles of chemotherapy and major surgery last summer. I still have scans,tests and appointnents more than likely for the rest of my life with the fear of recurrence. However, I remain positive. The road has been long and a test of my inner strength. It has also reinforced just how precious life is and how truly blessed we are to be alive. Water is essential to that life which is why I have always tried to advocate as best I can for preservation, conservation and water…

A Thank you

Down In Edin Magazine

My entry, We Must Reclaim Our Humanity To Save Our Water has been included in Issue Nine of Down In Edin Magazine on page 70.

I want to thank Caroline, the beautiful soul and Editor for including my writing. It is gratifying to know that what I write and care about can reach other hearts.

Thank you.

Making Rivers Come Alive...My Struggle To Live

As Waste Goes Out, a Dying River Returns to Life

I had to post this because it is so inspirational. A river deemed dead brought back to life by the people who saw its sacredness and its ability to bring life back to them.

"Kerala’s Kuttamperoor is once again ready to defend communities against floods, aid fishermen

It’s a rebirth for the Kuttamperoor river, a tributary of Pampa and Achencoil rivers. The river, a natural inter-connecting reverine system, is getting a new lease of life thanks to a drive for removing the accumulated waste.

A stretch of about 5 km of the river, flowing along the Budhanoor panchayat in Alappuzha district, has been cleaned up. Thick layers of water weeds and waste dumped into the river for more than a decade were removed. A scheme for cleaning up of the river, about 12-km long, had been drawn up several years ago, but could not be taken up due to lack of proper funding.

The project was implemented under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment …

Planning For An Island's Demise

Planning For An Island's Demise

(The picture at this link is not the future, it is now.) After reading this article it is hard to trust anything any organization is telling us in regards to their false hope. Question is, once these islands are swallowed by the rising seas just how outraged will we as a species be as a whole? Measure the reaction in tandem with the action to prevent it and you see the main reason besides rising greenhouse gasses for their demise.

As glaciers continue to melt and extreme weather continues to rage across the globe we see starkly what our future and present are. FRESHWATER SOURCES ARE IN DANGER GLOBALLY and that includes the US. We have been warned countless times that to continue to have a response that is not equal to the urgency of the crisis would be like putting a band aid on a broken leg.

We pushed the moral imperative to the backburner. We made politics more important than doing what is right and necessary. We forgot that this crisis goes b…

Keep Talking...

We humans are so good at talking aren't we? For years we have been talking about how urgent we need action on climate destruction. Yet, for all the talk, all the ego, all the PR campaigns, the movies, all the politics, all the empty meetings we need to face this fact: we are closer than ever to destroying the very ecosystems that give us life. Air, water, oceans, forests, species, all under dire threat from human intervention.

So tell me, just how long do we wait for this great epiphany that is to come? What exact percentage of our world's forests have to be destroyed? How many people have to die from lack of water? How toxic does the Earth have to get? How many more have to die in extreme climate events? We humans as a whole are still in mass denial.

Take for instance Brazil. I see media ads for the Olympics that depict Brazil as a golden land. Truth is, it is rife with poverty, drought, political instability and now Zika virus which may be made worse by extreme cl…