Monday, July 02, 2018

Humanitarian Disaster in the Sahara

Algeria has stranded 13,000 migrants in the Sahara forcing them to walk across it in response to EU directive to North Africa to lessen migration across the Mediterranean. These migrants come from regions torn by war, violence, poverty and climate change. In searching for solutions this is definitely not a solution, nor it is anything but a human rights violation. These migrants are sent out without water or food and many do not make it.

The podcast here Migrants Abandoned In Searing Sahara explains this crisis and sheds light on the reasons behind it. Much thanks to Arianne Kirtley, founder and director of Amman Imman/Water Is Life for bringing this to my attention. This is not being covered in the media as it should be.

We are seeing such inhumane treatment on a scale across our globe that must lead us to questioning why in this age of progress can we not provide the basest yet most important needs to humans. Why it is that cruelty and apathy are always seen as the way to handle a crisis. Those refusing these migrants and others around the world legitimately seeking asylum are not part of the solution, but the problem.They leave them victim to starvation, dehydration, slave traders and those seeking to radicalize them.

Please listen to the podcast and share it with as many as you can. We cannot sit in silence as our fellow human beings rightfully in need seeking safety are left to die in the scorching sands of the Sahara.


Africa may have witnessed its all-time hottest temperature Thursday: 124 degrees in Algeria

Now imagine having to walk across the Sahara with no water or food. Still have not seen anything about this in MSM.

Water Is Life.

Algeria abandons thousands of migrants in Sahara desert without food or water

World's Largest Desert Growing Even Larger, Partly Due to Climate Change

Algeria: Inhumane Treatment of Migrants

Migrants in Sahara

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