Friday, August 07, 2015

Clean Water Is Our Legacy

Clean Water Baby Wants To Swim

My father learned how to swim in the Hudson River when he was a boy. That was over 70 years ago when the water was so clean you could see to the bottom and fish were plenty. The river was a place for families to gather along its entire expanse to enjoy its beauty. Not a place for industrial waste and to be used as a sewer. What has happened to us that the importance of having clean water has escaped our care?

Shouldn't our children and theirs continue to be able to have a place to bring their families where they do not have to be terrified of going into the water?

I appreciate all those who work everyday to tirelessly keep our waterways clean. It is a huge task and not one readily acknowledged or appreciated. However, it is one of the most important things we do as humans. Without clean water we all die and the world we give our children dies with it. Think of that as you watch this beautiful baby and what you can do to contribute to a better world with clean water.

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The above print, "View from West Point" is from a steel engraving by W. H. Bartlett, c. 1850 (from the author's collection.)

Every river tells a story about the lives of those living near it. What will your story be?

Hudson River History

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