Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Worst Floods In Malawi's History-Half Of Country Declared Disaster Area

Update 2-1-15:

Malawi Floods Leave Grim Legacy of Death,Destruction and Devastation

Update 1-29-15: Fears of waterborne diseases now haunt victims of flooding in Malawi. Had this happened in France there would be nonstop coverage and the laying of wreaths for the dead and displaced. However, since it is happening in Malawi I suppose the media doesn't find it important. Outrageous because they need to... scenarios like this are and will be common globally as climate destruction affects people of all races, primarily those who are poor.

It raises another question: what good are more concerts going to do when people need aid now? And yes, I am referring to Live Earth concerts announced at Davos (another elitist playground) by Al Gore and Pharrell Williams set to take place over 24 hours in seven nations in June (simply to pimp for the UN COP Conference coming up in December after twenty years of failure to lead on climate.) The same as the one I attended in 2007 that obviously didn't do anything to move us forward as they have to continue doing the same thing expecting a different or adequate result.

Will environmental elitists ever understand that we need something new and more drastic to address this than more ego induced concerts that actually create more garbage and CO2? How about a seven nation tree planting event over 24 hours that is broadcast as well that doesn't include the same celebrities just using the climate crisis to sell CDs? One that takes place in destinations like Malawi to plant trees, provide seeds and solar energy instead of us seeing Paris, NY, Rio, etc. again be the targets? When will they understand that to continue to support hypocritical politicians as the world continues to sink deeper in the climate morass it winds up being no more helpful than an oil spill? For many in our world it is getting to the point of no return... I doubt they feel like dancing to "Happy" as their world drowns.


Floods Kill At Least 260 In Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar

Dr. Jeff Masters

"In what is likely to be one of 2015's deadliest natural disasters, two weeks of heavy rains have hit the southeastern African nations of Malawi, Mozambique, and Madagascar, triggering rampaging floods that have killed at least 260 people and left 260,000 homeless, said Bloomberg News today. Hardest hit was Malawi, where 176 people are dead or missing and 200,000 homeless. According to EM-DAT, the international disaster database, only one other flood disaster has killed more people in Malawi: the floods of March 10, 1991, with a death toll of 472. That flood was also the most expensive weather-related natural disaster in their history, with damages estimated at $24 million (1991 dollars.) The floods of 2015 may be ten times more expensive: last week, Malawi requested humanitarian assistance of $430 million for recovery efforts. Many areas remain cut off, with aid workers struggling to provide food to the hardest-hit southern portion of the country. The heaviest rains in Malawi came on January 13, when Chileka, Malawi measured 6.57" (167 mm) of rain in 24 hours."

End of Excerpt

Floods Hit Southern Malawi

The floods that continue to inundate Malawi and neighboring countries have brought suffering to thousands. Reports state 200-260 now dead with 135,000 people displaced-with more flooding forecasted. Malawi is a mainly agricultural country so this flooding is also submerging their lifeline. Cholera and other infectious diseases are also a great concern.

Rescue Teams Face Challenges In Malawi

Malawi Flood Survivors Cry For Aid

When I see disasters of this magnitude happening I can't help but remember the times I saw thousands in the streets calling for action on climate change, peace, freedom, etc. The most recent in France where it was estimated that three million people gathered to oppose terrorism. Yet, where are those millions when we see such events as what is now occurring in Malawi? Terrorism is a great threat to the world, but not on the same scale as climate destruction. There will be no other moral challenge that is greater in this century than the fight to stem the effects of our apathy.

Hundreds of thousands will perish as agriculture becomes decimated due to the pervasive and destructive droughts and floods that are already more prevalent and severe in poor areas of the world- areas that did not contribute to climate pollution on anywhere near the same scale as industrialized countries.

Yet, even governments of these countries refuse to truly deal with the reality in front of them as they seek to downplay the severity of the tragedies. This is in part due to corruption but I think also out of fear.

However, we can no longer allow fear or corruption to stop us from addressing this crisis equally on a global scale. Malawi is just the first of many disasters we will see in 2015. Real people are dying and being effected in ways that will reverberate through the coming decades. It would seem we the people of this planet can always come together to march when what we are marching for is popular and has affected the part of society we wish to identify with. If we are to survive this century however, we will have to learn to do more than march and not only for those causes we have a personal stake in.

Scientists now claim we have already gone beyond four of nine planetary boundaries of existence that now threaten our very ability to live on Earth. Malawi is now just one of many former warnings that seem to be getting the same lack of media attention and concern that is warranted and imperative if we are to truly state with any resolve or truth that we as a species can come together.

Malawi Floods Cut Off Thousands

In this age of climate consequences organizations like Doctors Without Borders become even more important. Please think about donating to them as the aid they receive always goes directly to those affected.

More information on this will be forthcoming.

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