Thursday, March 20, 2014

World Water Day- March 22, 2014

Water is our most precious resource. We cannot survive without it- yet over a billion people on our planet struggle daily to have it while many of us take it for granted. March 22nd yearly is a day set aside to remind the world of how precious and important this resource is to our lives. This year I will be walking for water and donating to an organization that works to dig wells in developing areas with a need for access to water.

Water has never been more at risk globally than it is now. The proliferation of pollution, privatization, dams, scarcity both physical and non-physical added to the effects climate destruction are bringing due to more severe droughts and floods tells us that we must now work to conserve and to also speak out for renewable energy sources that do not waste water. Our energy structure as it stands now is simply unsustainable in a world where population increases in concert with increasing resource depletion place us in a very urgent situation for our future.

This World Water Day, make a pledge to conserve, donate, or spread the important truth about how precious our water resources are to our survival.


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2014 Theme: Water and Energy


Water Is Life supports this initiative:

100K World Water Day


World Water Day 2014: The World's Thirstiest Places

Take action on World Water Day:

Tell Congress to Demand the World Bank Stop Funding Global Water Privatizers and Keep Public Water in Public Hands

Global Thirst For Energy Threatens Water Supplies

March 22 is World Water Day: Pray For the Healing of Our Waters

Water is sacred.

World Water Day 2014: When Water Is Death

The quality of our water is a statement about the quality of humanity.

World Must Use Renewables To Avoid/Water/Energy Crisis

To differ a bit personally from the title of this article- we ALREADY have a water/energy crisis. The LAST THING we need is more tarsands excavation!

We need to see more smiles of children having access to clean water. We can see that if we get off the fossil fuel/chemical merry go round and do what is morally right for civilization!

Clean water is worth more than all the gold in the world when it comes to preserving our planet and our lives!

Fossil Fuel Giants Guzzling World's Water as Poor Go Thirsty: UN 'Great political clout' of energy industry trumps those in need of drinking water

Where the rubber meets the road on the nexus of energy and water.

Water In The Anthropocene

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