Today Is World Water Day. What Will You Do?

World Water Day

Today, March 22, is World Water Day. The theme for this year is sanitation. Every 15 seconds another child dies in this world from a waterborne disease due to lack of potable water and proper sanitation. This is the most crucial environmental crisis we face along with the climate crisis, and water shortages in many parts of our world due to lack of infrastructure, mismanagement of resources, and now climate change only lend to this crisis.

Please, take time today to do something to take action to save water and call for clean water for the children of our world. I will be sending letters to my Senators today and also sending a message to all of the presidential candidates to stand up for water and to make its conservation and availability and sanitation part of their environmental platforms, and that includes not supporting energy sources that pollute our waterways ( like coal and nuclear.)

This is so close to my heart. I will talk about this everyday until people get sick of hearing it. It is the only way to get it out here. The simple truth: without water we die. Without the moral and poltical will to address this crisis as well as the climate crisis we will forever alter this planet for our children and other species, and that is simply not an option. There is nothing more important than this. Without a planet we have nothing else.

Water is a human right, and all children of this world deserve to live in a world at least having the water they need to survive. This crisis is thankfully getting more exposure thanks to the UN, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Maude Barlow, and others who are spreading the word, and also Al Gore who addressed it in An Inconvenient Truth and has talked about freshwater resources . For years people have been warning that we better start conserving this resource because it is even more precious than oil...and we are now getting closer to that tipping point as well.

We are one with the Earth. What we do to her we do to ourselves. We are seeing that much more with each passing day. What we then do with that knowledge will determine our future.

Also, take a look at this site: and consider pledging to give clean water to those in our world who need it. Water is our most precious resource. Water is life.

Thank you