March 22, World Water Day

Every year on March 22, World Water Day is celebrated to bring awareness of the beauty of water and also the urgency of the global water crisis. Today more than ever we need people to become conscious of the urgency of the state of our global water supply which is shrinking and under assault by pollution, privitization, lack of access and climate change.

Some would say we don't have a water crisis per se but a water management crisis. I think we have both. And while I usually do not recognize just one day to celebrate water, I still think it is imperative to have at least one day where water is brought into the global consciousness of those who take it for granted the other 364 days.

The state of our global water is not sound and it is going to take many more people to become involved in the fight to preserve this the most important lifeblood of our planet.

If you have not yet, take time to reflect on all that water gives you, and then reflect on those who do not have it. Then, make a pledge to conserve it and to work towards protecting it for generations to come. It will be the greatest investment in the future you will ever make.

Happy World Water Day,


Water can bring us peace.