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Rare Rains In Chile- One Year's Worth In I Day In Driest Desert On Earth

Chile Desert Rains Sign Of Climate Change/Chief Weather Scientist Says

The heavy rainfall that battered Chile's usually arid north this week happened because of climate change, a senior meteorologist said, as the region gradually returns to normal after rivers broke banks and villages were cut off.

"For Chile, this particular system can only be possible in an environment of a changed climate," Deputy Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization Jeremiah Lengoasa told Reuters on a visit to Santiago on Friday.

The intense rainfall that began Tuesday in an area that is home to the Atacama, the world's driest desert, had resulted in nine deaths by Friday, with 19 people still missing, nearly 6,000 people in temporary housing and some roads cut off, the government's emergency office Onemi said.

Under a more familiar beating sun, people began to trickle back to debris-strewn villages and smashed houses. A curfew is in place in the Atacama region tonight…

For World Water Day 2015

The power of nature and water. Respect them.


Through my veins you run
Like a mighty river to the sea
Giving me strength...

Your power undeniable
Your retribution swift
Your beauty unmatched...

May we be worthy of the breath we draw from your power
which gives us life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Every year the UN commemorates World Water Day on March 22nd. Granted, it may bring education about this crisis to some but what are we as a whole really doing to address the global water crisis that is already upon us? The blatant socio-economic caste system employed in many poor countries like Bolivia is not just about fighting for water access but about respecting human rights every day.

As this video recounts, climate change is now affecting access to water and is also affecting quality. Monsoon rains have already been affected resulting in less rain where it is most needed and extreme rain which then destroys crops. Droughts are more severe resulting in decreasing soil …