Sunday, March 22, 2015

For World Water Day 2015

The power of nature and water. Respect them.


Through my veins you run
Like a mighty river to the sea
Giving me strength...

Your power undeniable
Your retribution swift
Your beauty unmatched...

May we be worthy of the breath we draw from your power
which gives us life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Every year the UN commemorates World Water Day on March 22nd. Granted, it may bring education about this crisis to some but what are we as a whole really doing to address the global water crisis that is already upon us? The blatant socio-economic caste system employed in many poor countries like Bolivia is not just about fighting for water access but about respecting human rights every day.

As this video recounts, climate change is now affecting access to water and is also affecting quality. Monsoon rains have already been affected resulting in less rain where it is most needed and extreme rain which then destroys crops. Droughts are more severe resulting in decreasing soil quality. Sea level rise resulting in erosion and salt water intrusion that also effects agriculture and coastlines. Lack of access to water also results in lack of access to food.

Millions of people needing to move due to extreme events and the effects of climate change is something we are not anywhere near prepared for. Water management and conservation based on equality and humanity are critical now as well as ending reliance on fossil fuels if we are to prolong the catastrophe awaiting us due to taking the seriousness of this crisis for granted.

No one should be denied water because they aren't rich enough or white enough. We will never be able to fully address any crisis on this planet adequately until we face the root causes : selfishness, greed, hubris, entitlement. Water is a human right and it is life. That is what we need to remember EVERY day.

World Water Day 2014

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