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2014-The year of clean water and climate justice?

We say goodbye to another year and look to a new one. A 365 page book of blank pages in which we can now write our story. Will those pages include your story about taking steps to ensure clean water and access for those who do not have it? Will it include taking action to bring about a world free of fossil fuels and its toxic effects on our water, air, land and health? In this past year and in the six years before it I have written here about the many challenges the world faces regarding water access, sanitation, pollution, privatization and the effects of our disregard for this most precious resource as well as the effects of climate change and our contribution to it.

While we have seen some good things in the past year regarding more getting access to water, we still see grave threats to developing lands regarding access, sanitation and the effects of climate change most prominent among them drought and floods as well as ocean acidification. In relaying those threats I have als…

Devastating Drought Continues To Plague California

California’s Central Valley—prime agricultural land—is being hit the hardest by the state-wide drought which could cause catastrophic losses to crops and food supply.

The third winter with precipitation averages way below normal. This directly effects agriculture, economy, the frequency of wildfires, health and other species. This is what climate change looks like regardless of what you will hear from those who still continue to deny its effects. I keep asking myself how many of these events have to continue to occur before people wake up as a whole. How many seasons with below average rainfall? How many winters without snowpack? How many dead crops? Livestock? People?

Snows in Egypt not seen in over a century, huge flooding in Great Britain, the Caribbean, extreme flooding and heat now in South America again this season, severe weather in places like Toronto where a monster ice storm still has residents without power as well as extreme weather continuing here in the US. Droughts, f…