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Fukushima Radiation Spiking Suddenly- Media Blackout

Fukushima Spiking All Of A Sudden

"Perhaps you've heard that radiation levels of the water leaving the Fukushima, Japan, nuclear power plane and flowing into the Pacific Ocean have risen by roughly 9,000 per cent. Turns out, that's probably putting a good face on it.

By official measurement, the water coming out of Fukushima is currently 90,000 times more radioactive than officially "safe" drinking water.

These are the highest radiation levels measured at Fukusmima since March 2011, when an earthquake-triggered tsunami destroyed the plant's four nuclear reactors, three of which melted down.

As with all nuclear reporting, precise and reliable details are hard to come by, but the current picture as of July 10 seems to be something like this:

" On July 5, radiation levels at Fukushima were what passes for "normal," which means elevated and dangerous, but stable, according to measurements by the owner, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (…

Days of Torrential Rain In China As Death Toll From Extreme India Monsoon Expected To Reach 5000

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China Flood Death Toll Rises

Floodwaters surging through Himalayan foothills in western China have swept away bridges, houses and hillsides, leaving at least 25 people dead and dozens missing.

Flooding in the western province of Sichuan was the worst for 50 years in some areas, with more than 100,000 people forced to evacuate their homes.

Nationwide at least 44 people have died, around 66 are missing and at least 1.6 million have been otherwise affected since Sunday, according to figures from the civil affairs ministry and the official Xinhua news agency.

Thousands of homes have been destroyed or damaged and transportation has been brought to a virtual standstill in hard-hit areas.

Many of the casualties in Sichuan were from a massive landslide that struck a scenic resort outside the city of Dujiangyan. An entire hillside collapsed on to clusters of holiday cottages where city dwellers go to escape summer …

America's 21 Most Endangered Rivers

Map: America's 21 Most Endangered Rivers

If you're one of 142 million Americans heading to the outdoors this year, there's a good chance you'll run into one of at least 250,000 rivers in the country. Much of the nation's 3.5 million miles of rivers and streams provide drinking water, electric power, and critical habitat for fish and wildlife throughout. If you were to connect all the rivers in the United States into one long cord, it would wrap around the entire country 175 times. But as a recent assessment by the Environmental Protection Agency points out, we've done a pretty bad job of preserving the quality of these waters: In March, the EPA estimated that more than half of the nation's waterways are in "poor condition for aquatic life." (See them at the link.)

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For a country that touts having such riches we sure do not understand the meaning of that word. While our rivers and infrastructure are in dire n…

Gasland II: This is about clean water and democracy

I'm with you sir!

After watching Gasland II I am more convinced than ever that we must stand up as a people across political and economic divides to save this country from being turned into one giant toxic pock mark. Josh Fox takes you into the world of those Americans and those living in Australia, Europe and globally who are now being assaulted by the worst environmental devastation to ever hit us and the political cronyism and dark side of industry that would stop at nothing to secure profit at the expense of our very planet.

The disclosures regarding EPA tests that took three years to divulge reveal an industry steeped in corruption with willing accomplices at every level of government from both parties. Pennsylvania's story involving Governor Tom Corbett and Ed Rendell is particularly disarming as we see that politics is trumped by greed and that truth is the first casualty. These are real people experiencing real consequences from this rush to suck the very life out …