Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Gasland II: This is about clean water and democracy

I'm with you sir!

After watching Gasland II I am more convinced than ever that we must stand up as a people across political and economic divides to save this country from being turned into one giant toxic pock mark. Josh Fox takes you into the world of those Americans and those living in Australia, Europe and globally who are now being assaulted by the worst environmental devastation to ever hit us and the political cronyism and dark side of industry that would stop at nothing to secure profit at the expense of our very planet.

The disclosures regarding EPA tests that took three years to divulge reveal an industry steeped in corruption with willing accomplices at every level of government from both parties. Pennsylvania's story involving Governor Tom Corbett and Ed Rendell is particularly disarming as we see that politics is trumped by greed and that truth is the first casualty. These are real people experiencing real consequences from this rush to suck the very life out of this Earth as the last gasp of the fossil fuel industry blows hard and toxic over this planet. The first scenes showing the true damage done to the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 are sad and alarming. The stories of people in Wyoming, Texas, Pennsylvania should outrage you if you are an American with a pulse and a human being who knows how important water is to our lives.

What these companies are doing to the landscape of America in a concerted effort to spread it globally is nothing short of criminal and reveals a lack of regulation that sees them doing all in their power to toxify water supplies, exercise imminent domain and buy off the very people who have sworn an oath to uphold a constitution that to them is secondary to campaign contributions. Their huge budgets that stream misinformation and doubt, the secret memos, the spying on activists in an attempt to label them terrorists and the closed door Congressional sessions where journalists exercising their right to free speech are arrested paint a picture of an America which is in total antithesis to what America was meant to be.

There is no other way to phrase it: Fracking is killing America and it is the wrong choice for our country and is in no way a "bridge fuel." It was never intended to be used as such by the oil and gas industry. They never intended to see renewable energy sources that can power our world increase to a level that would see their profits decrease. Their plan is to addict us to natural gas as they did to conventional oil and keep us addicted for decades while prices rise due to peak oil and our environment is destroyed for all time for their short term gains. The here and now is all they care about and they have convinced the Obama administration that this is true as well. The immense amount of power and money possessed by the fossil fuel industry is now holding America hostage to a false choice that in the end will bring us over the climate and Democracy tipping point as well as toxifying our national water supply.

However, there is also a bright spot to this film: the huge amount of awareness and activism taking place in the US as well as globally gives us all hope that this fight is just beginning. We can and need to all be a part of it because this effects all of us. It effects our farmland, our animals, our ecology, our water, our health, our climate balance and our very lives.

Gasland II is currently being shown on HBO and is also available on HBO Demand and HBO GO. I highly recommend you going to wherever you can to watch this film and to share it with those you love, particularly your children and to then pledge you will fight for your water and your land. This is about the very soul of what humanity is and will become.

My thanks to Josh Fox for having the courage to stand up for all that is good about this Earth and to fight for the most precious resource we have that is a public trust- Our Water.


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