UPDATE 6-6-13:Czech Floods...Floods in Central Europe... Floods in the Midwest... Monster Tornadoes...Heatwaves...Glacier Melting...Excessive Drought... Now, What Could Be The Reason? Really? People Are Still Asking That Question?

UPDATE: 6-6-13: Copters Pluck Families From Raging European Floods

The death toll so far has included eight people in the Czech Republic, five in Germany, two in Austria and one in Slovakia.

USTI NAD LABEM, Czech Republic — Families in southern Germany scrambled to their rooftops and were airlifted to safety by helicopter Wednesday after two levees broke and raging floodwaters swept through their village.

The drama in the southern German town of Deggendorf was being echoed in various degrees across vast tracts of central Europe. Authorities said at least 16 people have died and at least four others were missing in the surge of water overflowing river banks.

Thousands of people have had to be evacuated, chemical plants along the swollen rivers have been closing down hastily and emergency workers were bracing for new flood crests at cities along the mighty Danube and Elbe rivers.

The dpa news agency said helicopters started evacuating residents Wednesday after two levees along the Danube and Isar rivers broke and huge masses of water poured into the Bavarian village of Deggendorf.

Four farmers were rescued at the very last minute by helicopter as floods submerged their tractor, firefighter Alois Schraufstetter said, adding that water was nearly 10 feet high in the village.

"This is a life-threatening situation," he told dpa.

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Overall, the death toll included eight people in the Czech Republic, five in Germany, two in Austria and one in Slovakia. At least four other people were missing in the Czech Republic.

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An emergency committee in the Czech capital of Prague said the water in the Elbe was expected to reach 36 feet early Thursday morning in the northern Czech Republic, almost four times its usual height.

Firefighters said more than 19,000 people were evacuated from the flooding in the Czech Republic. Floodwaters in the Elbe, after inundating parts of Prague, were now roaring north toward Germany, particularly the eastern city of Dresden.

In villages around Usti nad Labem, a northern Czech city of 100,000 people, police in boats were handing out drinking water and medicine to those who had not evacuated.

Alena Lacinova despaired at how much she would have to rebuild after watching the water wash into her home. In many places, even protective barriers were unable to stop the surge.

"At the moment, we have about 2.5 meters (8 feet) of water inside. The cellar and the house are flooded," she said, adding that she was expecting 3 more feet of water soon. "It's a pity for all those who have the same problem and have not enough money to fix it any time soon."

Surely the austerity measures forced upon people living in the EU will more than enough satisfy the funding needed to now HELP THEM.::::sarcasm:::: At least the government of Germany has made strides in renewable/solar energy much more so than the government here in the US that thinks these events are just "normal" because we are addicted to oil. However, the rate of transition to the rate of effect is quickly becoming unattainable... Question now is, will the EU now drown in its own austerity proving that these measures in the face of climate change are ill considered? Do you think there might be more important crises we need to be concerned with globally? How many more lives will have to be lost before the world comes together to truly face this crisis?


Thousands Evacuated As Deadly Floods Swamp Europe

By Andy Eckardt and John Newland, NBC News

Floodwaters from heavy rains swamped five countries in Europe and threatened others, leaving at least six people dead and eight missing. Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic have been affected, with officials in the Czech capital, Prague, closing the subway system, evacuating thousands of homes and warning other people not to come into the city. Slovakia and Hungary were preparing flood defenses on the Danube River. In Germany, rain levels that reached record highs in May contributed to widespread flooding across southern and eastern parts of the country.

In the southern state of Bavaria, more than 20,000 firefighters and other rescue workers were battling rising water levels, especially in the southeast. The historic cities of Passau and Rosenheim declared states of emergency.

Water in Passau, which is surrounded by three rivers, was at record levels, Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said. "The situation is ... dramatic."


"This weekend saw many southern German towns struck particularly hard. "In the past three days, more than 400 liters of rain per square meter [about 10 gallons per square foot] were measured in many regions that border the Alps," meteorologist Klaus Lessmann from German public broadcaster ZDF said. The German Weather Service, DWD, reported Monday that Germany had not seen such extreme soil moisture in the past 50 years."

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I have been covering this here and elsewhere for more than seven plus years. See current posts on Arctic melting as well. Much time and work goes into this effort because I care about this world and the present and future and care that people have this information to be aware and empowered. Would really appreciate knowing I am not alone here.

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This is just a small sampling of news related to climate change events from this blog over the last seven years. It doesn't even make a dent in all of the global extreme events that have taken place beyond the norm that include record breaking wildfires in the Northwest US in 2011-2012 as well as Australia (the 2010 Russia wildfires have already been connected to climate change as have the floods in Pakistan and heat wave in Australia) floods, heat waves (2000-2010 was the hottest decade ever recorded with 2012 the hottest year ever recorded in the US) record breaking storms including hurricanes and cyclones, mega drought in the Amazon that has also been linked to human induced climate change due to their 1-100 year occurrence now being shortened to 1-5 years...

And yet, with all of this reality, with all of this evidence, with all of this damage to our environment, economy and loss of life and biodiversity, with 97% of scientists in agreement as to the cause... with it staring us down in our faces people still ask-gee, what could be doing this? Well, the answer is us regardless of what paid shills and oil executives tell you and the sooner we fess up to it the sooner we can get down to doing the moral thing to make sure our children and grandchildren have a world that isn't totally destroyed. The emissions poured into our atmosphere over the last century are now being seen. The more we continue to pour into the atmosphere now only amplifies those effects in the future.

So many voices crying in the wilderness as it is being deforested around us and yet so much silence. So much fear in admitting we screwed up. Is PRIDE truly to be our downfall? Is our world and our water not worth more than pride?


AkasaWolfSong said…
It is the voice of governments and those in power we need to hear from...what I fear is that our voices will not be heard by the same.
Even collectively what can we do? I drive rarely and when I do, plan my route so I am not making unneeded trips...I sign every petition out there, watch how much water I use each day, spread the word among family and friends and yet to me it is never enough. At times it has made me physically ill when I think of the implications my grandchildren will have to face in the future...even my own children, who are now entering their mid-lives. With my last dying breath I shall care for Mother Earth and Her Waters...
Blessings, Deep Blessings to You for all that you do Jan!!!
Jan said…
Blessings to you as well and thank you for always commenting here. You know where my heart is and that is very much appreciated. And though I know it can be so frustrating please know that all you do does help. We must keep on speaking out.