Severe Rain Pounds North Nigeria City

Floods kill 24 as rains pound North Nigeria city

Twenty-four people died overnight when unusually heavy rains flooded a neighbourhood in Nigeria's largest northern city of Kano, a local government chief said on Thursday.

Dozens of others were injured, 300 displaced and about 100 houses destroyed in the densely populated Fagge neighbourhood of Kano when rains pounded and inundated the city while residents were asleep.

"For now we have confirmed the deaths of 24 people from the floods that occurred Tuesday night through Wednesday following torrential rain in the city," Fagge local government administrator, Abdulmalik Ismail Rogo told AFP.

Rogo said local elders had told him the "area has never witnessed such torrential rains in the past 30 years."

"Some of the victims were buried alive when their (house) roofs collapsed on them, while others were washed away by the floods and deposited along a major sewer in the area," he said.

Fagge is a low-income neighbourhood of Kano, one of the country's largest cities with a population of around 12 million people.

The country's emergency services unit said its team was assessing the flood, but had so far recorded six deaths -- most of them children aged between two and 14 years. It said 276 people were affected.

A Red Cross emergency coordinator said his volunteers had also registered six deaths and 150 people were wounded.

Nigeria experienced severe flooding last year that affected around half a million people in two-thirds of its 36 states and killed scores of others, according to the emergency agency. The agency, NEMA, has also predicted unprecedented heavy rainfall and severe flooding this rainy season that has just begun.

West Africa has seen increasing floodings in recent years due mainly to climate change, with 2.2 million people affected in 2010 alone and more than 500 killed, according to the African Centre of Meteorological Application for Development (ACMAD).

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Increased flooding in West Africa and increased droughts in East Africa. This indeed is being exacerbated by climate change. This is damn important and yet it gets no play in the MSM. Wonder why? Because the media is owned by the fossil fuel industry. You aren't supposed to connect those dots or see the reality. You will see it here. Pakistan, Australia, Columbia, Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Thailand, Germany, Poland, the U.S...and other areas around the world all experiencing these same monsoon type rains/floods along with severe droughts more frequently. But remember, don't connect the dots.