China evacuates 500,000 as flooding breaks worst drought in 50 years

China Evacuates 500,000 From Severe Flooding

Water levels on 40 rivers, including the Yangtze, above safety limits as authorities warn of dykes and dams under pressure.

And what do you think all of this climate upheaval is doing to water resources and agriculture? Do you not see it at the markets already? The Biodistress-agriculture-prices link is essential to see in order to prepare for the future. And yet we keep emitting more and more CO2 and GHGS into the already oversaturated atmosphere as warming evaporates the oceans. We are affecting the hydrologic cycle and stretching the limits of the Earth's natural processes. Make no mistake about it, the science on this is correct and you need to demand that your leaders in government listen to that science. Lives are at stake.