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Cheay Areng Dam Would Flood Cardamom Forest and Displace Indigenous Peoples For No Other Reason But Greed

Cambodia: Stop The Flooding Of The Cardamom Forest!

This is what’s at stake: rainforest as far as the eye can see (Photo: Luke Duggleby)

China Guodian Corporation, a state-owned power company, plans to build a hydroelectric dam on the Areng’s upper reaches in Cambodia.

The Cheăy Areng dam would spell catastrophe for the rainforest dwellers by inundating their habitat. Just a few hundred of the highly-endangered Siamese crocodiles remain worldwide – and most of them live in the Areng Valley.

The indigenous peoples would lose their homes and have to be relocated.

From an economic point of view, the project makes little sense, as its costs would exceed its benefits for the country:

20,000 hectares of rainforest are to be flooded; half of them in the Central Cardamoms Protected Forest.

The lost habitat is one of the most important biologically diverse areas in Cambodia, with more than 277 animal species recorded in the valley, of which 31 are globally threatened. Among these are t…

Bill Nye: "Heat Energy" Caused 2.6 Mile Wide Tornado In Oklahoma

Bill Nye: "Heat Energy" Caused 2.6 Mile Wide Tornado In Oklahoma

By Stephen C. Webster

Excess “heat energy in the atmosphere” contributed significantly to making last week’s EF5 tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma grow to an astonishing 2.6 miles-wide, science educator Bill Nye told CNN on Tuesday.

The El Reno tornado was the widest-ever on record, and the National Weather Service said its winds nearly topped 300 miles per hour. A total of 19 people died in the event, including two experienced storm chasers, less than two weeks after another EF5 tornado killed 25 in neighboring Moore, Oklahoma.

“What would make it so wide is more heat energy in the atmosphere,” Nye said. “But just fundamentally, if you think of a tornado as being a half mile or three quarters of a mile wide, this thing’s about four times that… So, the first approximation is, if it’s four times as wide and you’re looking at the same area, it would be 16 times as much energy [as an average tornado].”

“Now, the …

Nestle' Strikes Deal To Pump Unrestricted Amounts Of Water From Ontario Aquifer During Drought Conditions

"Nestlé's Chairman and former CEO once infamously declared that, "access to water should not be a public right." Nestlé has won a permit to drain an Ontario aquifer whenever it likes. Meanwhile, the surrounding communities which rely on the aquifer have by-laws to restrict their access to their own water during dry conditions in the summer. This just isn’t right, and groups are fighting back against Nestlé and the Ontario government office that handed out its permit in an environmental tribunal. It shouldn’t take a legal proceeding to force Nestlé to do the right thing. Let’s tell Nestlé that a community’s access to its own water supply is more important than any company's profits.

Tell Nestlé: Stop bottling Ontario’s water source during drought conditions.

Currently, Nestlé has a permit through 2017 to take about 1.1 million litres of water per day from Hillsburgh, Ontario for its bottling operations in nearby Aberfoyle -- even during drought conditions whi…

UPDATE 6-6-13:Czech Floods...Floods in Central Europe... Floods in the Midwest... Monster Tornadoes...Heatwaves...Glacier Melting...Excessive Drought... Now, What Could Be The Reason? Really? People Are Still Asking That Question?

UPDATE: 6-6-13: Copters Pluck Families From Raging European Floods

The death toll so far has included eight people in the Czech Republic, five in Germany, two in Austria and one in Slovakia.

USTI NAD LABEM, Czech Republic — Families in southern Germany scrambled to their rooftops and were airlifted to safety by helicopter Wednesday after two levees broke and raging floodwaters swept through their village.

The drama in the southern German town of Deggendorf was being echoed in various degrees across vast tracts of central Europe. Authorities said at least 16 people have died and at least four others were missing in the surge of water overflowing river banks.

Thousands of people have had to be evacuated, chemical plants along the swollen rivers have been closing down hastily and emergency workers were bracing for new flood crests at cities along the mighty Danube and Elbe rivers.

The dpa news agency said helicopters started evacuating residents Wednesday after two levees along t…