Water Is Your Life

In writing about water the effects of pollution, waste, privatization and climate change are the primary topics of discussion. And rightfully so because in this world we live in we are seeing more and more abuse of water as population increases and as the commoditization of water takes away its identity relinquishing it to nothing more than a commodity like any other. However, there is so much more to this elixir of life than just to be used as an instrument of our greed or the waste receptacle of it. Water isn't just a part of our lives, it is our lives. It is us.

Have you ever noticed that while walking by the banks of a river the water moves in sync, the sun glimmering off the top of it as if it has a life all its own? Have you ever thought that perhaps there was more to this than just gravity? That perhaps the water is alive and responding to life as we do? Our bodies are inexplicably linked to water. Over 70% of our bodies is water as is the Earth. When we thirst, it is water we crave. When we seek comfort, it is the warmth or cooling of water that sets our souls aright. When we seek sustenance, it is water that grows it, prepares it and cooks it. Water is our life and it lives and breathes as an organism of our Earth just as we do.

Is it any wonder then that our Earth is so out of balance and as a result so are we? For we on the whole have abandoned the special bond of life we share with water. We kill it with toxic chemicals and pollution. We clog its arteries with garbage, oil, plastic. We take all its wonder for granted. We waste it thinking it will always be there when we need it. And we are now paying for it with our health and our lives as it too suffers. There is for sure a much deeper connection to this mysterious wonderful fluid and I believe that until we delve deeper into that connection we will never truly know the secret of life. So, is it possible to transfer our energy to water and vice versa?

Consider this:

While many remain skeptical and cite that this work on water is not peer reviewed, I can understand and agree with the concept that pollution has the ability to change the crystalline structure of water in a way where it actually conveys the water's "pain" just as it's crystalline structure changes with the opposite effect. In India, Hindus believe that the Ganges even as polluted as it is can be made clean again through positive thought and prayer. We have not even begun to scratch the surface regarding the study of water and its properties and how they react to different stimuli. And Emoto's work actually borders on the study of Noetic sciences as well imo... that thoughts have structure and can affect the physical when strong enough. It is very interesting study regarding the connection between us, our thoughts and the elements that give us life regardless of whether or not you think it is possible. After all, we are water and water is us.

And seeing this is sad as well considering the condition of so many of our waterways globally. If you look at the Yamuna River as an example using this concept it would be considered dead. And we did it. I do pray for a higher consciousness to take hold of us before it is truly too late.

So in writing about pollution, wastefulness, climate change and the selfish greedy attempts by those who do not understand this special bond who undermine the true reason water exists in tandem with humanity, we must always strive within our hearts to connect ourselves to it. It is then and only then that we will realize that to kill it kills the life that burns within our souls and in turn our future existence on this planet.