Blessed Thanksgiving: Be Thankful For Water

On this thanksgiving day as every day, I am thankful for family, friends, those I love and my health as well as this planet, particularly the seed and water. I am thankful for its beauty; it's grace; its healing; its spiritual comfort; its power and its ability to provide for our survival.

And on this day I am also aware of the billion plus people on our planet who still do not have access to this fundamental right. So I am thankful that whenever I turn on a tap, it is there. Whenever I thirst, it is there. Whenever I need comfort, it is there. Whenever I need healing, it is there.

However, we abuse this precious gift through polluting it, toxifying it, hoarding it, wasting it and taking it for granted. And as we are seeing water has now become a force of destruction to also be reckoned with because of it. I hope for the coming year then that we will truly see a time coming when this resource that is there for all of us will be there for all of us and more will come to understand just how much we need to be thankful for it and the life it brings.

Blessed Thanksgiving to all.

Enjoy the video.


i am grateful for the internet and people like you or I would be so lonley. i am grateful to Current tv , democracy now,, the nation or i would feel so crazy. and i know not just a gratitude for being a healthy person and family but that others are grateful for me too.
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