World Water Week In Stockholm/12-18th August

World Water Week

From the site:

What’s World Water Week?

World Water Week (held in Stockholm between 12 and 18 August) brings together experts in water and sanitation from across the globe with 40 seminars and nine workshops under the overall theme of ‘Progress and Prospects on water - striving for sustainability in a changing world’. The event will explore the complex relationships between the economy, government, infrastructure and livelihoods. It will also review progress on water and sanitation and look to build partnerships for sustainable development.
Once this event is over I will post comments on the decisions made in Stockholm. Suffice it to say that at this particular conference climate change is going to be paramount among the topics discussed, as it is causing many areas of our world to become more water scarce in tandem with the problems already plaguing them.

This is also why the effects on water resources in light of the more prevalent use of biofuels must also be a great consideration. In areas where the poor are already experiencing water scarcity and famine, cutting down trees and using the land specifically for growing first generation sources for biofuel alone is not feasible. In areas of the world such as Africa and South America, biofuels should not be the first source of fuel unless they can be made from swichgrasses, algae, and other forms of biofuel currently under experimentation. Solar energy is also very viable as well as wind and must be considered in the overall solution planning in regards to maintaining water sustainability.

I am hoping some good initiatives come from this week and that more people are motivated in finding out about this global crisis that affects us all and what they can do to help.

If you look to the side of the blog you will see an icon for Water Partners International. I am a sustaining donor of this organization because they provide potable water to those who would not have it otherwise and they give hope to millions. This World Water Week, please consider a donation to them or another organization you may know of that is working to provide this life saving resource to those in dire need of it. The Earth has water enough to share with all the world if we but learn to use it wisely. Let us now work to see that made a reality.

Water is life.