Montessori Students Work With Amman Imman To Bring Life

Amman Imman

What hope reading this site brings me. To see children in our country caring about those who are less fortunate in other countries and working to give them water brings tears to my eyes. That is why I had to post about it on this blog to introduce anyone who reads this blog to this absolutely wonderful organization.

Please visit the link and read about their tremendous work to bring clean water to the Azawak and their work in Niger and in other parts of the world. This truly is a story to uplift you and give you hope for the future.

My thanks to Debbie for posting here and for informing me of this site. I am most definitely going to be writing more about its work in the future and thank all those involved in bringing water and life to Niger. Now the people must be taught conservation methods (such as slow drip irrigation) that will allow them to keep their water longer, as Niger is one country experiencing deforrestation on a great scale.

Water Is Life/Amman Imman!