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Worst Floods In Malawi's History-Half Of Country Declared Disaster Area

Update 2-1-15:

Malawi Floods Leave Grim Legacy of Death,Destruction and Devastation

Update 1-29-15: Fears of waterborne diseases now haunt victims of flooding in Malawi. Had this happened in France there would be nonstop coverage and the laying of wreaths for the dead and displaced. However, since it is happening in Malawi I suppose the media doesn't find it important. Outrageous because they need to... scenarios like this are and will be common globally as climate destruction affects people of all races, primarily those who are poor.

It raises another question: what good are more concerts going to do when people need aid now? And yes, I am referring to Live Earth concerts announced at Davos (another elitist playground) by Al Gore and Pharrell Williams set to take place over 24 hours in seven nations in June (simply to pimp for the UN COP Conference coming up in December after twenty years of failure to lead on climate.) The same as the one I attended in 2007 that obviously didn&…