Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Backing Earth Up Against The Wall

This is not going to be another pretty please to 'politicians' to ask them to please do more on this crisis. The bottom line is that we as a species are committing slow suicide to ourselves and murdering species, trees, plants, the rainforests, rivers and oceans, the atmosphere and all ecosystems that support our own existence and it is being done out of willful ignorance which is morally reprehensible.

We now know that human behavior is contributing to the rise of GHGs in our atmosphere which is in turn causing rising seas, accelerated melting of glaciers specifically in the Arctic which threatens our climate balance, stronger storms, droughts, wildfires, floods, deforestation, desertification, the spread of disease, species extinction, invasive species, water shortages and erratic weather patterns.

These conditions are then in turn causing the death of livestock, the extinction and disappearance of species important to the web of life, hunger, lack of potable water, environmental degradation of land needed to grow food, pollution and the possibility of millions of environmental refugees who will be forced to leave their homes because where they live will be uninhabitable...and that is already happening in places like Bangladesh, Vanuatu and other islands that have already been swallowed up by the rising seas. The economic devastation because of it is so much more than it could ever be in not doing the right thing, not to mention the environmental damage and the spiritual damage to our balance with this planet.

I am so sick of these so-called 'conferences' that come out with false rhetoric about seeking to fight climate change and then let the Earth down without binding targets. I am sick of climate change being used as a political wedge issue rather than treated as the urgent moral crisis it is with governments backing down by using the economy as a damn excuse to sit and do nothing and waste more time while this world melts around us! But of course, that is the way of "politics".

After all of the petitions signed, the letters written, the phone calls, the flyers, the blog entries, the changes I have made in my own life and in doing all I can to spread this message to others, there is only thing left I can say to the developed countries of this world including the U.S., UK, Russia, Australia, as well as China and India (which in my book are developed countries based on their economies and what they are contributing to this crisis because of it now):

It is time to stop the stalling and do something now, because words no longer mean anything. We have now passed definite tipping points in the climate balance of this Earth that are and will have catastrophic effects on the habitability of this planet. Scientists have confirmed it and Mother Nature is now illustrating it in response to our behavior on a global basis. What is it going to take?

It is absolutely morally reprehensible for any country that is contributing the most to this crisis to still sit on its hands and play these, "it will be bad for our economy" games while the poor of this world become more and more vulnerable to the effects of this crisis! These are the same games that were played for decades and you should know that it is logical that without a truly sustainable planet economy won't mean squat. As a matter of fact, it has been proven that sustainable investments and practices particularly regarding agriculture not only save money but bring jobs and a safer, cleaner, more peaceful world.

But continue to have your 'conferences' that let the Earth and those species that cannot defend themselves down and still expect her to sustain you. The arrogance of those perpetuating this crisis truly blows me away. You now back the Earth up against the wall and she will not be kind to you for it nor will history.

G7 Leaders Agree To Phase Out Fossil Fuels By End Of Century

Here stand the accomplices making another irrelevant announcement.

By end of century? TOO LATE. We are already experiencing consequences of abrupt climate destruction. And again, why is the main focus always on investing? There is never any mention in these plans of Sustainable Agriculture, reforestation, Soil Carbon Sequestration because god forbid they stand up to big ag/Monsanto/Cargill. Are all you politicians just setting these targets to give more investment dollars to those on both sides getting rich off our suffering? By end of century we will see fossil fuels already run out and with us continuing to coddle our addiction without any sort of timely transition that will be adequate in comparison to pace of changes resulting in massive social unrest. Perhaps, that is their plan? Also, making this announcement while they fervently continue their wars for natural gas resources (Arctic, Syria, Ukraine, etc.) that they label as "clean energy" to give their fossil fuel corporate backers cover reeks of hypocrisy. We cannot survive until end of century with a LOW carbon strategy- especially one including fracking, nukes and industrial agriculture.

The fact that they do know this and continue on the same path is beyond criminal.

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