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UPDATE 7-21-14:

Detroit Stops Water Shutoffs For 15 Days

Though officials say they aren’t backing down to pressure from protesters and other activists, Detroit announced Monday morning that it will suspend its water shutoffs for 15 days.

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) turned off water service on about 17,000 customers since March, according to The Detroit News.

“This is a pause. This is not a moratorium,” department spokesman Bill Johnson told the publication. “We are pausing to give an opportunity to customers who have trouble paying their bills to come in and make arrangements with us. We want to make sure we haven’t missed any truly needy people.”

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A mini victory... However, saying they are allowing this time for people to pay and to make arrangements as to not miss any "truly needy people" is a PR move. If they really cared about truly needy people they wouldn't have turned it off in the first place…

Okinawa On Alert For ‘Once In Decades Storm’ Super Typhoon Neoguri

UPDATE 7-10-14:Neoguri Super-Typhoon In Japan Is El Niño Harbinger

An unusually early Pacific super-typhoon with a wrinkle has led to more than half a million people in Japan being advised to evacuate their homes this week.

The category 4 super-typhoon Neoguri spun up winds of more than 200 kilometres per hour before it dropped to category 3 and passed Okinawa on Tuesday, where it caused substantial flooding. By the time it reaches mainland Japan, it is expected to drop to category 1. It was probably sparked by a developing El Niño.

Meteorologists around the world were intrigued by a wrinkle seen in the image above, like a tail coming out of the eye of the storm. These "cloud cliffs" are sometimes seen in strong cyclones but nobody knows what causes them. "It's a kind of odd feature that's got people talking," says Brian McNoldy from the University of Miami in Florida.

Although it looks like a scar where there are no clouds, McNoldy says it's really a…