Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Super Typhoon Francisco Now Heading For Japan

Typhoon Francisco May Follow Wipha's Path

Wipha dumped 33 inches of rain on Japan just last week causing mudslides that killed 18 people. Seeing Super Typhoon Francicso taking the same path is beyond catastrophic. There were also reports of spiking radiation as rains from Wipha entered soil at Fukushima. Again, quiet hurricane season in Atlantic does not mean anything when you speak about global. This is one to watch. My prayers are with the people of Japan.

UPDATE 10/25/13:

Francisco Sideswipes Japan

Hmmm, divine intervention? Second big bullet dodged by Fukushima so I would hope a greater force is watching out for us regarding it... Actually, it's colder air and wind shear. Of course that doesn't in any way allay the fears regarding what has been and continues to take place there that is being totally blacked out by the US media.

Everytime It Rains Fukushima Plant Is Pushed To The Edge

Great Respect to the author of this blog.

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