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Midwest Flooding/Rain Breaking Records

UPDATE: 7-1-14:

Storm-hit Chicago struggles with flooding, power outages

CHICAGO -- The city and region were recovering Tuesday after a major storm that included torrential rains and hurricane-like winds brought havoc to two of the nation's busiest airports and left thousands without power.

The storm system may have produced small tornadoes in areas south of Chicago, where there were widespread reports of downed trees and winds as high as 86 miles per hour, according to the National Weather Service.

Parts of Interstate 190 near O'Hare International Airport were covered with as much as a foot of water Tuesday morning, plaguing commuters and travelers. With all but one lane of I-190 shut down, many travelers left their cars and tried to walk to the airport with their luggage


Swimming was banned at the city's 27 beaches after two Chicago River locks were opened, sending waste water into Lake Michigan.

Elsewhere in the Midwest, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said r…

A Bloody War For Water In Mexico

A Bloody War For Water In Mexico

By Alasdair Baverstock

Filling a glass from his garden faucet, Juan Ramírez held the swirling water up to the intense Mexican sun. Satisfied with its purity, he touched his glass gently against my own. “Your health,” he toasted, before drinking it down in one gulp.

Mexico City’s reservoirs consistently rank amongst the most contaminated supplies to any world capital. Drinking from the tap here is simply not recommended. Ramírez’s water, however, comes directly from a volcanic spring in San Bartolo Ameyalco, an otherwise impoverished town on the hilly southwestern outskirts of Mexico City, in the borough called Alvaro Obregon.

“My grandfather drank from our town’s spring, and his grandfather before him,” Ramírez told me when I visited the town this weekend. “Now the government wants to pipe our town’s water directly into rich households and leave us with its contaminated filth. We are not going to let that happen.”

Ramírez is leader of a group in San…