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California Drought Getting Worse- Linked to Global Warming

Native Americans Speak Out Against Tarsands

Updated April 28th. It is all connected.

And where was Obama? In Malaysia pushing the TPP. Our voices being heard has never been more needed!


California Drought Linked To Global Warming


WASHINGTON (AP) — While researchers have sometimes connected weather extremes to man-made global warming, usually it's not done in real time. Now a study is asserting a link between climate change and both the intensifying California drought and the polar vortex blamed for a harsh winter that mercifully has just ended in many places.

The Utah State University scientists involved in the study say they hope what they found can help them predict the next big weird winter.


The United States just came out of a two-faced winter — bitter cold and snowy in the Midwest and East, warm and severely dry in the West. The latest U.S. drought monitor says 100 percent of California is in an official drought.

The new study blames…