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Native Americans Speak Out Against Keystone XL Pipeline

UPDATE: 4-28-14:

Cowboy / Indian Alliance

Starting on Earth Day, April 22 and going through April 26, Native Americans, ranchers and Americans of all stripes came to Washington DC to stand up for our sacred land, water, and air. This is a photo compilation by activist and photographer Jenna Pope who always does incredible work. I admit I have days where I feel like giving up regarding this. However, seeing these pictures displaying such resolve and commaraderie has renewed my sense of hope that humanity will triumph.

By Jenna Pope




The Lakota Sioux tribe fears if the pipeline ruptures it could pollute the Cheyenne River and Ogallala aquifer The pipeline would carry crude from Canada's oil sands to the Gulf Coast refineries. But some Native Americans say they're worried an accident could pollute their sacred waters. Diane Eastabrook reports from the Black Hills of South Dakota. Al Jazeera America News Daily AM, Noon, & PM

For some reason Al Jazeera removed the original report.

They say if they have to they will stand to block construction. I stand with them. Should the Northern leg be approved it will be devastating to our water sources, health, land and climate. The Southern leg to the Gulf is already reportedly online! Politicians are not going to do what needs to be done because they are too beholding to their benefactors regardless of the words they say, Obama included. His "All Of The Above" energy policy exacerbates climate change which is also effecting water. You cannot tout such a policy and claim "climate change is a fact" with a straight face. This is why I stand with indigenous people against this and with them regarding their devotion to Earth. It is because they are sincere and truly love this land and do not have political motives. This is not just about climate destruction. This is also about respecting our water and the culture of our country. It is about preserving Earth for our present and future.

You Shall Not Pass!


"An alliance of Native American communities has promised to block construction of the northern leg of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, which, if approved by President Barack Obama, would carry crude tar sands oil from western Canada through the US to Texas.

In a joint statement entitled ‘No Keystone XL pipeline will cross Lakota lands,’ Honor the Earth, the Oglala Sioux Nation, Owe Aku, and Protect the Sacred declared their support for resistance action against energy corporation TransCanada’s building of the parts of the pipeline planned to cut through Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska before meeting with a constructed line in Kansas. The existing line would then move the crude tar sands through Oklahoma and into Texas for refineries on the Gulf Coast.

"We stand with the Lakota Nation, we stand on the side of protecting sacred water, we stand for Indigenous land-based lifeways which will NOT be corrupted by a hazardous, toxic pipeline,” the groups said in the statement.

The groups said the Lakota Nation – a sovereign governmental body – is ready to step up.

“KXL will NOT cross their treaty territory, which extends past the reservation boundaries. Their horses are ready. So are ours.”

Information on this will be ongoing on this blog.

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Renee Georgette said...

We have to help our brothers & sister stand up to this out of country corporation which if approved, will cross their native land. We must help them - not just with words, but with funds and actions to show that they are not alone.
Renee Weinberg

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