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Thousands Remain Homeless Following Solomon Islands Flash Floods

ADDED 4-14-14:IPCC Report Released Today

How many more will now be doomed to rising seas, extreme storms, droughts and floods because we refuse to face our addiction?

Death Toll Rises in Flood Hit Solomon Islands

Disease is now an urgent concern with 2 toilets for 2000 people in one camp! Misery follows this lack of preparation as heavy rains are too much for infrastructure. These are exactly the conditions that we can expect to intensify as climate change becomes more severe. These disasters are what is happening now while people concern themselves with FOX NEWS. We no longer have time to care what FOX NEWS is saying. The reality of this and the science behind why these events are so much more severe has been known for years. We now need to ask this question: What is more important? Getting the Earth prepared for the catastrophe of our making as we certainly will continue to behave against our own survival or constantly arguing with someone who will never understand or care? As w…

A Voice From The Future

Dateline: 2050.

I write to you from the future. I think it is necessary for me to do so considering that many living in your present 2014 still do not comprehend the true urgency of what is now taking place due to mankind's insistence that it either has little to no effect on the systems of the Earth that sustain it or that what is occurring is not going to come to full catastrophe in its lifetime so it just doesn't care. As a voice from the future I am writing to tell you how so very wrong and immoral that assumption is.

I am writing from a place where water is now not something we see everyday though it was once flowing. We once had prosperity here which allowed us to grow a number of crops that brought us great wealth. However, we truly did not understand the definition of true wealth until the drought of 2020. We had thought the drought of 2014 was bad but it was nothing like the one to follow six years later and by then we had drilled so far down into the ground that mo…

Extreme Drought Causes Environmental Crisis In Colombia

Extreme Drought Causes Environmental Crisis In Colombia

On World Water Day, March 22, Colombian news reports were released with horrific photos of scores of dead wildlife. A devastating drought has created an environmental crisis, threatening public health and killing more than 20,000 fish and animals in the Paz de Ariporo municipality of Casanare, Colombia. This water shortage rings the alarm that we need to adjust environmental policies regarding our water resources from the local to the international level.

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The three Waterkeeper organizations in Casanare, Colombia—Rio Meta Waterkeeper, Rio Pauto Waterkeeper and Rio Cravo Sur Waterkeeper—have spent years fighting for access to clean water as a basic human right, advocating for industry compliance with Colombian law and educating citizens about the detrimental effects of industrial hydrocarbon exploitation, and the uncontrolled expansion of thirsty agriculture and livestock industries at the expense of small …