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The Oceans Warmed Up Sharply In 2013

The Oceans Warmed up Sharply in 2013: We're Going to Need a Bigger Graph


"Long-term the oceans have been gaining heat at a rate equivalent to about 2 Hiroshima bombs per second, although this has increased over the last 16 or so years to around 4 per second. In 2013 ocean warming rapidly escalated, rising to a rate in excess of 12 Hiroshima bombs per second - over three times the recent trend. This doesn't necessarily mean we are entering a period of greatly accelerated ocean warming, as there is substantial year-to-year variation in heat uptake by the oceans. It does, however, once again dispel the persistent myth of a pause in global warming, because the Earth has actually continued to warm faster in the last 16 years than it did in the preceding 16 years.

As can be seen in Figure 1 below, the global oceans have warmed so quickly in 2013 that the National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) is going to need a bigger graph."

End of excerpt: (Bolding in excerpt my emphasis.)


Reality continues to prove that lies perpetuated by those who do not wish to see reality because it challenges their political biases and economic fortunes are doing great harm. The telltale signs of our actions are in the air and water-they do not lie. The Earth is the only home we have that gives us life-it does not lie. It is not hard to see that through continued burning of fossil fuels-predominantly tarsands, shale and heavier crudes that require deeper extraction that we are not only destroying our climate balance but the balance of our planet on the whole.

In 2013 manatees died off the Florida coast in record numbers. Off the East coast dolphins also died in record numbers. In the Pacific starfish are dying in record numbers melted to the seafloor and while climate change hasn't been specifically named regarding this it also cannot be ruled out besides our continued apathetic treatment of our waterways in how they are managed and regarding the poisons we dump in them.

Typhoons and cyclones were also much more ferocious in the Pacific this past year with Typhoon Haiyan breaking records (other posts here also document Cyclone Phaillin which hit India and other stronger storms.) Ocean temperatures globally have been trending upward with more energy being stored in the atmosphere. You can only deny reality and the physics of it for so long- it then has a way of catching up to you-sometimes personally:

Scientists: Hurricane Sandy Storm Surge Directly Affected By Climate Change

For the sake of your children, grandchildren and the planet you love it is time to stop allowing the voices of greed and selfishness to deter you from seeing the truth. Our oceans are warming, our atmosphere is warming, the climate is abruptly changing due to human activity that can be quantified and WE have to get busy in doing all we can as a species to save ourselves. The lies you listen to today will be the undoing of our future. Two words that are very important regarding this that people need to know: CUMULATIVE and FEEDBACKS. We are now in the stage where these two effects are going to hit us hard. There is no more time left for political bantering. A few cold days is weather. This is climate and we need to know the difference if we are to have a habitable planet!

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