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Bolivia and Britain-A Tale of Two Floods - and Some Climate Truth

UPDATE: 4-3-14:Are Brazil’s Dams to Blame for Record Floods in Bolivia?

The proliferation of megadams (that do not benefit the poor) that also effect agriculture, rivers and displacement of indigenous people are not feasible especially in light of amplififation of climate change effects.

In recent months, Bolivia’s Amazonian region has experienced the most disastrous flooding of the past 100 years. In the Beni department, 7 of 8 provinces and 16 of 19 municipalities are under water, with 75,000 people (more than one-quarter of the population) affected. Economic losses from the death of 250,000 livestock heads and destruction of seasonal crop lands, estimated at $180 million, are mounting daily.

While seasonal flooding is common in Beni, experts agree that climate change has added a threatening new dimension to the cyclical pattern, bringing record rainfall to most of Bolivia this year. Deforestation, exploitation of cultivable land, and loss of infrastructure through the breakup of t…

International Bird Rescue Remembers Exxon Valdez - 25 Years Later

Our legacy?


International Bird Rescue Remembers Exxon Valdez - 25 Years Later from International Bird Rescue on Vimeo.

Heartbreaking and CRIMINAL ECOCIDE.


My respect and thanks to all who protect our water and the species that live there.

Voices from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: "The Day the Water Died"

"For the record, as a commercial fisherman and as an Alaskan, I would like to say that the oil isn't gone, the spill isn't over, and despite Exxon's promises, neither I, nor Kodiak Island, have been made whole."

— Toby Sullivan, Fisherman, Kodiak

OIL KILLS. It is time for humans to truly evolve by ending this deadly addiction!

BP Disaster Recovery Through the Lens of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Flesh Eating Bacteria Tied To BP Oil Ecocide Tarballs

The Gulf Of Mexico-Three Years Later

And these companies are STILL trying to get their hands on the Arctic as the EPA just gave BP permission to bid in the Gulf AGAI…