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Native Americans Speak Out Against Keystone XL Pipeline

UPDATE: 4-28-14:

Cowboy / Indian Alliance

Starting on Earth Day, April 22 and going through April 26, Native Americans, ranchers and Americans of all stripes came to Washington DC to stand up for our sacred land, water, and air. This is a photo compilation by activist and photographer Jenna Pope who always does incredible work. I admit I have days where I feel like giving up regarding this. However, seeing these pictures displaying such resolve and commaraderie has renewed my sense of hope that humanity will triumph.

By Jenna Pope




The Lakota Sioux tribe fears if the pipeline ruptures it could pollute the Cheyenne River and Ogallala aquifer The pipeline would carry crude from Canada's oil sands to the Gulf Coast refineries. But some Native Americans say they're worried an accident could pollute their sacred waters. Diane Eastabrook reports from the Black Hills of South Dakota. Al Jazeera America News…

The Battle Of Britain -Period Of Consequences

UPDATE 2-22-14:

Science: One Big Greenhouse: May 28, 1956

Note: The following article appeared in Time Magazine in May of 1956. Excerpt from 1956 article in TIME Magazine:

(Bolding my emphasis)

"During the International Geophysical Year (1957-58), teams of scientists will take inventory of the earth’s CO2 and observe how it shifts between air and sea. They will try to find out whether the CO2 blanket has been growing thicker, and what the effect has been. When all their data have been studied, they may be able to predict whether man’s factory chimneys and auto exhausts will eventually cause salt water to flow in the streets of New York and London."

End of excerpt


In the streets of New York and London. And even back then, governments refused to listen- and now we have seen that salt water in the streets of New York and London.


UPDATE 2-15-14:

Fierce Storms Continue

River Levels Rise As Rain and Wind Sweep In

Extreme Weather Hits …