Saturday, October 25, 2014

Athens: Heavy Rains Bring Chaos To Greek Capital- It's Raining All Over The World

This is now their new normal:

Floods hit Tenerife, Canary Islands killing five and dispclacing hundreds:

Powerful flash flood in Switzerland... The Alps are melting as are the majority of glaciers around the world:

The US Midwest:

Swedish Town "Like Venice" After Heavy Rain


Extreme drought and floods globally more severe and recurrent/common. Have we already gone too far?

As CO2 emissions continue to rise bringing the planet to record warmth and we continue to take water for granted as we deforest more land just what is the disconnect? If you have ever been sick to the point where you had to change the way you do things in your life in order to preserve your health, it becomes much more clearer just how important it is to do the same for your only home. I will never understand the human mind and its seeming propensity for self destruction.

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