Sunday, August 10, 2014

Typhoon Halong Lashes West Coast "Unprecedented" Rains

Red-level Weather Alert As Typhoon Halong Lashes Southern Japan

Hundreds of thousands of residents in southern Japan have been advised to leave as the typhoon with heavy showers batters the country’s southwest, from Kyushu to the Kii Peninsula on Saturday.

“We’re asking residents to stay on high alert over landslides and to evacuate as early as possible when advised by local officials,” Hiroshi Sasaki, the agency’s chief forecaster, told a news conference.

Evacuation orders have already been issued in Yamaguchi Prefecture, part of the Chugoku region, and Tokushima and Kochi on Shikoku, affecting some 2,700 residents from more than 1,300 households.

In Mie prefecture, in central Japan, some 300 kilometers west of Tokyo, the cities of Yokkaichi and Suzuka in northern Mie have issued evacuation instructions to some 512,000 residents, city officials and local media said.

“We are strongly urging our residents to evacuate, while we are hurriedly setting up temporary shelters across the city,” a Yokkaichi official said, according to the South China Morning Post.

The Japanese weather agency’s chief forecaster, Satoshi Ebihara, said at a news conference that the levels of torrential rain monitored in Mie were already “unprecedented.”

“We are in an abnormal situation where serious danger is imminent,” Ebihara said.

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Once again Fukushima gets a reprieve from a direct hit. Let's hope with the media blackout surrounding Fukushima that we would even be told should that happen.

Fukushima Diary

For all updated news on Fukushima you are not getting on mainstream media this is a credible source.

More on Typhoon Halong:

Heavy Rainfall and High Seas Brought by Typhoon Halong

Growing beast ... Typhoon Halong is shown southwest of Japan yesterday. Source: AFP / EUMETSAT 2014 Source: AFP

Effects Will Become More Obvious As Japan's Climate Changes

A 10% increase in rainfall by end of century means more severe flooding...not advantageous for any nuclear power plant.

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