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The Cholera Outbreak In Haiti-Three Years Later

UPDATE 4-1-14:UN: Haiti has more cholera than any other nation

I find this a bit hypocritical of the UN when they are seeking immunity from the reported spread of it in 2010 by UN peacekeepers. Hopefully their initiative includes infrastructure (sanitation and hygiene) and policies that uplift the people of Haiti and protect them from this ever happening again.

"Scientific studies have shown that cholera was likely introduced in Haiti by UN peacekeepers from Nepal, where the disease is endemic.

The United Nations has claimed diplomatic immunity from class-action lawsuits being filed by lawyers representing Haitian survivors and relatives of the dead who say the UN peacekeepers contaminated Haiti's principal river with cholera-infected human waste beginning in October 2010.

In 2012, the United Nations announced a $2.27 billion initiative to help eradicate cholera in Haiti."

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Abstract: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Haiti: Past, Present, and Future

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Stand Up To Protect Your Public Water System

Editorial: The Veolia water contract is no ordinary City Hall kerfuffle

At first glance, the controversy over a $250,000 consulting contract for Veolia Water North America to review procedures at the St. Louis city water division looks like a typical City Hall kerfuffle.

Oh, but it is so much more.

A lot of heavyweights are involved, at least tangentially. They include Anheuser-Busch InBev, which doesn’t want its water costs going up too fast; the libertarian Show-Me Institute founded by conservative ├╝ber-donor Rex Sinquefield; John Temporiti, a lawyer and Democratic political operative who nonetheless has worked on Mr. Sinquefield’s causes, too; the Carpenters Union, which represents some water division employees; and the Missouri Coalition for the Environment.

Also involved — and this is where it gets really weird — are both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The immediate issue is whether city Comptroller Darlene Green should sign the contract with Veolia, as Mayor Fra…

Super Typhoon Francisco Now Heading For Japan

Typhoon Francisco May Follow Wipha's Path

Wipha dumped 33 inches of rain on Japan just last week causing mudslides that killed 18 people. Seeing Super Typhoon Francicso taking the same path is beyond catastrophic. There were also reports of spiking radiation as rains from Wipha entered soil at Fukushima. Again, quiet hurricane season in Atlantic does not mean anything when you speak about global. This is one to watch. My prayers are with the people of Japan.

UPDATE 10/25/13:

Francisco Sideswipes Japan

Hmmm, divine intervention? Second big bullet dodged by Fukushima so I would hope a greater force is watching out for us regarding it... Actually, it's colder air and wind shear. Of course that doesn't in any way allay the fears regarding what has been and continues to take place there that is being totally blacked out by the US media.

Everytime It Rains Fukushima Plant Is Pushed To The Edge

Great Respect to the author of this blog.

It All Comes Down To Hubris

In writing about water accessibility, scarcity and quality it is very easy to get caught up in statistics. Statistics can also influence the amount of urgency one places on a particular problem. However, I think that is something we need to be careful of when looking at the global water crisis as a whole. Where it concerns water, even one person going without the essential amount necessary for life is too many. Just one child dying of a waterborne disease is too many. Just one waterway overcome with poisons is too many. However, how we quantify these amounts comes down to one thing: hubris. The thinking that we control all water and that it is then here for our use and our abuse. The thinking that money can buy anything and that as long as you have it nothing else is ever really that bad. That the one child who died of a waterborne disease or of famine due to lack of food due to drought because of our hubris is an acceptable amount.

There is no acceptable amount.

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