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The Gulf Of Mexico-Three Years Later

THREE YEARS LATER and they are still lying.

My God, how can anyone look at this and not cry over what WE HAVE LOST!

But hey, BP is still turning a profit because people keep BUYING THEIR GAS!

We all did this.

This world is not just about us. This is beyond heartbreaking and CRIMINAL.

By all means keep eating the seafood there too because they told you it was safe and living in denial of what you are also doing to your body and future generations.

After all, it's all about living in the now and the quick pleasure fix, isn't it?


The Gulf Of Mexico, Three Years After BP

When an undersea oil well blew out 50 miles off the Louisiana coast on April 20, 2010 and caused an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig above it (killing 11 workers), no one knew that an even bigger disaster was yet to come. Over the next three months, 4.9 million gallons of crude poured into the water before BP could get the wellhead capped to stop the flow of oil into the Gulf…

Amman Imman- Bringing Water And Hope To The People Of The Azawak

Amman Imman

I have had the pleasure of following the good work of this organization for several years now. I wanted to report on their current work because it is so very important in the fight for clean and accessible water for all in places that are forgotten. This is the most recent news received from Amman Imman regarding their work with the Azawak in Niger:

Amman Imman's New Borehole In Couloubade

"Dear Friends of the Azawak,

Denis, Fassely, Soriya, and I returned from Niger mid-April 2013 after five rewarding months. With the support of the Vibrant Village Foundation and our ever-devoted student Heroes of Compassion, we accomplished all of our planned projects despite the outbreak of war in neighboring Mali, and ongoing terrorist threats. I am particularly grateful to Denis and Momine (project coordinator), who braved the risks of being taken hostage to pursue our life saving and enhancing work for our communities in the Azawak. I am also ever thankful to Amman Imman’s…