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Amman Imman- Bringing Water And Hope To The People Of The Azawak

Amman Imman

I have had the pleasure of following the good work of this organization for several years now. I wanted to report on their current work because it is so very important in the fight for clean and accessible water for all in places that are forgotten. This is the most recent news received from Amman Imman regarding their work with the Azawak in Niger:

Amman Imman's New Borehole In Couloubade

"Dear Friends of the Azawak,

Denis, Fassely, Soriya, and I returned from Niger mid-April 2013 after five rewarding months. With the support of the Vibrant Village Foundation and our ever-devoted student Heroes of Compassion, we accomplished all of our planned projects despite the outbreak of war in neighboring Mali, and ongoing terrorist threats. I am particularly grateful to Denis and Momine (project coordinator), who braved the risks of being taken hostage to pursue our life saving and enhancing work for our communities in the Azawak. I am also ever thankful to Amman Imman’s associate director, Debbie, for successfully coordinating Amman Imman’s Wells of Love activities, and organizing a powerful Walk for Water 2013. We are particularly proud to have a positive influence on the hearts and minds of students worldwide meanwhile improving lives in Niger!


The bulk of our efforts in Niger went towards building our most recent borehole for the Fulani community of Couloubade -- which includes the village of Couloubade and 17 surrounding smaller communities. Prior to the construction of their borehole, the community had to walk between 10 and 25 km a day to fetch water for their families. Today, the 4000 people from the Couloubade community will directly use the borehole on a regular/year-round basis. Up to 20,000 passing nomads and their animals have been using the borehole during this dry season.


FOOD, TREES, AND EDUCATION FOR THE AZAWAK IN 2012 In 2012 we provided food assistance, and set up community run cereal banks in Ebagueye, Tangarwashane and Chinwagari in order to help temper the threat of famine. These cereal banks are still helping our communities’ meet their food needs. We also helped establish a community garden, and donated tools and seeds to Tangarwashane. We continued to provide food assistance and gardening training in Tangarwashane this year. Thanks to the tender care of children and parents alike, vegetables and fruits are now sprouting year-round from the once parched earth. In addition to water and food assistance, we planted 40 mango and shade trees and donated school books and materials to Tangarwashane, Kijigari, Ebagueye and to ten additional schools in rural Azawak."

End of excerpt. You can read the rest of this report and so much more at their link.


This is a letter from the Azawak:

Water Is Hope-Letter From The Azawak

Website for Vibrant Village which supported the work of Amman Imman:

Vibrant Village


It is wonderful to see an organization with such dedication and Amman Imman exemplifies a commitment to bringing water and hope to those who need it. I highly recommend you visit their site and donate to this worthy cause.

Water scarcity and lack of access bring with it food shortages, social unrest, economic stagnation, educational inequality and the killing of the soul. We must all stand up now especially in the face of more extreme climate, poiltical corruption, privatization and schemes to commodify this life giving resource for those most effected by them.

Thank you to Amman Imman for exemplifying humanity.

You can donate to this worthy cause here:

Your Gift Will Help Save Lives

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