Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Message From Harvey Wasserman-Fukushima

We have tentative news that the critical take-down of fuel rods at Fukushima #4 may be delayed two weeks or more.

This is critical news.

So are the horrifying reports that radiation from Fukushima has reached the coast of Alaska.

Please take a look at my current blog asking that nuclear advocates first go to Fukushima.

On Thursday, November 7, at 1pm, we'll turn in the first round of signatures to Ban Ki-Moon at the UN. We have exceeded 112,000 people signing in. It's a tremendous accomplishment.

We must keep going. We will continue to grow this petition and turn in more and more signatures as the crisis deepens.

We are joined by 40,000 signers at, along with thousands more from the Green Shadow Cabinet, which has also brought in many organizational signers.

We continue to welcome many different views on how to deal with Fukushima.

But above all, we cannot stop. Tepco has amply shown their incompetence at Fukushima. Japan, with a new state secrets act, has neither the resources nor the openness to deal with this crisis.

So we continue to call for a global team of scientists and engineers, backed by the many nations of the world, to take control at Fukushima.

There is more to come. We have made the world far more aware of this terrifying crisis. But our lives are on the line, and we have a long way to go.

Thanks, everyone. For a nuke-free future....the only one there is.


PLEASE go to Nuke and sign this petition to the UN if you have not already done so. Then please pass it on to all you know. Awareness of this crisis on a mass scale is the first step to calling for appropriate action to deal with it. Hope for no more tremors. More coming, and THANK YOU.

As previous posts here have outlined this is not something to be cavalier about or ignore. Please refer to link for petition in the sidebar and also link for Fukushima Diary.

TEPCO Accepts US Offer To Aid Fukushima Dangerous Clean Up

Aid or cover up is the question.

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