Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I yr...

For those lost to Hurricane Sandy in the Caribbean and US

I still hear her wind...

I still see the rising water and devastation...

Remember the cold nights...

The uneasy quiet after the storm...

There is much done,

yet much left to do...

Sandy hurt us,

and that hurt remains...

But she did not defeat us.

Superstorm Sandy: A Look Back

We must now rebuild wisely and with the knowledge that climate change is here.

Faith... strength... will.

Occupy Sandy

Note 10/31: I did not feel comfortable posting these on October 29, because for me it was a day of remembrance and healing. Now that day is over and it is imperative to talk about what led to Hurricane Sandy and so many other events we are seeing globally and to address them aggressively. With extreme weather events due to human forcing on our climate system becoming more extreme and destructive and in some cases more frequent we can no longer deny the scientific facts and must move aggressively to a clean energy world which will require a total paradigm shift in our thinking with time running fast. More on that in subsequent posts.

Hurricane Sandy: Help Rebuild A Firefighter's Home

Hurricane Sandy Storm Surge Directly Effected By Climate Change

NOAA- Waters Off Northeast US Coast Were Warmest In 150 Years

The Arctic-Humanity's Barometer (Cornell University Study On Hurricane Sandy)

Our Carbon Debt, Our Moral Duty

My post from October 28, 2012 before it all went dark:

Huge Hurricane Sandy Bears Down On East Coast: Wake Up Call?

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Jim said...

Time may soften the blow, but the sting can still be felt. Glad to hear you're moving forward, because ultimately that's all you can really do.

I sympathize as a flood victim myself, when I lived in the northeast. Several years ago I watched wooded areas clear cut, paved over & strip malls built - upstream from me.

Heavy spring rains proceeded to flood the river which then submerged our neighborhood. Eleven months later we had just finished all of the repairs & the same thing happened all over again.

You are not alone in your plight as a growing number of people face escalating weather calamities with life altering consequences. The devastating effects of climate change can no longer be minimized or ignored as a new reality slowly takes hold. Thanks for your efforts - you are making the difference we so desperately need. Jim

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