House Republicans Propose Giving You Toxic Water And Dangerous Infrastructure

House Republicans Propose Giving You Toxic Water And Dangerous Infrastructure

I do not usually comment about Republicans because their total lack of morality and conscience gets my blood pressure up. Today however, I must make an exception because the bill they have proposed here is an abomination to all that is human. And for what? To assuage a political vendetta? It goes beyond my comprehension how people can be so morally bankrupt and riddled with hatred as to deliberately set out to kill their own people. That is exactly what this bill would do if passed.

Cutting 34% of the EPA budget and primarily all that has to do with clean water preservation and infrastructure as well as riders to prohibit passing of greenhouse gas rules? There is no justification for this especially at a time when water regulations are a must. Fracking waste, nitrogen pollution and run off, pesticides, aging infrastructure, effects of climate change such as floods, drought, storms all require funding and action.

However, I am not only angry at Republicans. I am angry at Obama because he came out and gave a speech stating that he recommended the EPA to go forward with greenhouse gas rules knowing Republicans would put up roadblocks thus stalling it. It is to me a classic political maneuver. Suggest something you know won't really be successful (even if you have the power to do more) but will ultimately make you look good by being able to point the finger while the goal you wanted to achieve is reached anyway. In this instance, continuation of the status quo allowing fracking and oil extraction under their "All Of The Above" policy.

I also find it curious that this bill was put out just days after confirming Gina McCarthy to head the EPA after waiting for over a hundred days to do it. Was this bill part of the compromise David Vetter said they came to in order for her to be confirmed? Let's face it people, politics is not about moral courage or doing the right thing. It is about compromise for the sake of those doing the wheeling and dealing not us.

If this bill is passed water safety is gone and the baby steps requested on climate change will more then likely not be taken on a scale or in a time frame needed for any sort of adequate results. But again, Obama must have known Republicans would put that rider in a bill to stop the EPA so where is his true executive action on climate change? This is what infuriates and frustrates me about the entire dysfunctional bought and sold political system of the USA which has now been renamed The United Corporate States Of America. Now all we will have is more partisan bickering back and forth while water and climate continue to suffer.

Rep Jim Moran walked out of the session of this bill, but he is only one person. Where are all the other representatives of any side with a conscience in joining him?

My question to anyone who voted for any of these people who now work to make this planet a hell on Earth for you and your children is this: What the hell were you thinking?