Monday, February 11, 2013

White Water, Black Gold

WHITE WATER, BLACK GOLD from Specialty Studios on Vimeo.

White Water, Black Gold

I have posted the link to this documentary in lieu of the video not being available because you have to exclusively ask for permission to upload it. However, hopefully you can access the link.

This is the first in a series of posts dedicated to the destructive fossil fuel industry that is poisoning our water, our land, our air and killing us while disrupting the climate balance of this planet leading to biodiversity loss and extreme weather disasters they are not being held accountable for. I will pull no punches in my comments regarding this and am grateful to have a venue that is troll free.

And let me tell you from experience the Internet is crawling with oil dupes being dispatched to websites to spread outright propaganda and lies about the culpability of this industry in the deaths of millions across the globe and many other species. The tarsands is just one part of this.

After watching this you will see clearly why the Keystone XL pipeline MUST BE STOPPED. Not for political reasons, but for moral reasons. We are at a watershed moment as a species. This is not the time to back down. The fossil fuel industry has done enough to sicken our planet and its inhabitants. They have done enough to disrespect our life blood.

IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE. More is coming.

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