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Today Is Global Frackdown: Tell The World Why You Want Fracking Banned !

Global Frackdown: Tell The World Why You Want Fracking Banned

Today citizens globally will be letting their voices be heard in banning an unhealhty dangerous practice called hydraulic fracturing. Fracking toxifies water, land and health as well as releasing methane which is a potent greenhouse gas that perpetuates climate change. It has also been shown to be creating earthquakes. And the natural gas industry in America has managed to work out a way where the chemicals they use to inject boreholes to get the gas up can be kept secret and free of regulation.

Thats right, the toxic chemicals used to inject boreholes and bring the gas back up are not subject to the Safe Drinking Water Act thanks to the, "Halliburton Loophole" which was a favor given to Dick Cheney by the EPA. Therefore, you have no idea what is being injected into your land, your water and your air...and this practice is now going global.

This is then a global call for accountability and for the banning of t…

Arctic Melting-Tipping Point That Should Matter To All Of Us

NOAA illustration of Arctic ice melt 2012. This is not normal.

For anyone who lives on planet Earth and hasn't been spending the last decade just watching reality TV it should come as no surprise that what we are seeing taking place in the Arctic is a portent of a world that we should not be taking for granted. And yet, we see nothing of this astonishing melt in the MSM. We do not see it discussed in the US presidential campaigns of any candidate save one (the Green party) and it is basically relegated to backburner status on most websites too enthralled by political soundbites.

Nevertheless that does not in any way diminish the urgency of this news. And it is news that must be shared and explained because millions of people, other species and ecosystems are at risk from its residual feedbacks that are and will now surely come in response to it.

Half The Polar Ice Cap Is Missing

"Extraordinary melting of sea ice in the Arctic this summer has shattered the all-time low sea…

The Salton Sea: Death And Politics In The Great American Water Wars

The Salton Sea; Death And Politics In The Great American Water Wars.

This is a well written account of where the Salton Sea now stands. It is a story of nitrogen overload, salinity overload, species in crisis, politics apathetic, economy in turmoil and the always relevant discussion on human waste and corporations unwilling to take responsibility for their mistakes and losses.

The Salton Sea did not ask to be born. It was spawned from greed and the diversion of the Colorado River over one hundred years ago of water it so desperately needs today as it no longer flows to the Gulf of Mexico. The Salton Sea stands as a monument to human hubris and our failed responsibility to the water and the species and ecosystems struggling to survve there.

Political solutions are as usual scant in size and slow to come as we now once again argue over the best course of action to save it , or to even save it at all as we as usual take no responsibility for its current and future fate.