Today Is Global Frackdown: Tell The World Why You Want Fracking Banned !

Global Frackdown: Tell The World Why You Want Fracking Banned

Today citizens globally will be letting their voices be heard in banning an unhealhty dangerous practice called hydraulic fracturing. Fracking toxifies water, land and health as well as releasing methane which is a potent greenhouse gas that perpetuates climate change. It has also been shown to be creating earthquakes. And the natural gas industry in America has managed to work out a way where the chemicals they use to inject boreholes to get the gas up can be kept secret and free of regulation.

Thats right, the toxic chemicals used to inject boreholes and bring the gas back up are not subject to the Safe Drinking Water Act thanks to the, "Halliburton Loophole" which was a favor given to Dick Cheney by the EPA. Therefore, you have no idea what is being injected into your land, your water and your air...and this practice is now going global.

This is then a global call for accountability and for the banning of this toxic practice for a false choice. There are cleaner healthier ways to produce energy that will not run out. It is time we stood up globally to demand them. Let your voice be heard. Say no to fracking our health, our water, our land, our air and our children.

*I will be adding videos and information to this throughout the day to support this global action for energy sanity.*


Sick From Fracking? Doctors And Patients Seek Answers

People are getting sick near fracking sites but the frackers are saying it isn't from the toxic chemicals they inject into the Earth and water. GREED causes loss of reason honesty and sanity.


The documentary, Gasland by Josh Fox in its entirety.


Thousamds of wells now litter this country. We are killing our water by selling our country off to the highest bidder.