Report: A World Without Water

A crime against humanity specifically aimed at the poor goes virtually unnoticed in our consciousness. It is the privitization of the world's water supply at a time when such acions only seek to deprive millions of this life giving human right. To think that in only 45 years time half of this world will be water scarce is incomprehensible. However, this is where we are heading and if it is allowed to happen people will die.

Privitization, corruption, waste and climate change are now all factors that contribute to the increasing amount of people globally who do not have enough water to live day to day. And as temperatures continue to warm glacial melting will decrease the supply of water to billions of people.

It is heartbreaking to see this affecting the world's poor as it is. For the most part those who live in water scarce areas like Bolivia are not contributing to the conditions that are exacerbating climate change and its effects in these areas. As this film also brings out there is also a social stigma attached to the poor who do not have access to water. It is in essence a caste system set up to deny social access to those who cannot afford water when water should be accessible to all as a human right.

Privitization in many instances brings water far out of the reach of the poor. It is patently immoral to deny this human right but commoditization is becoming more prevalent in our modern society built upon free markets that do little to benefit the poor and indigenous people of our world.

To me there is no greater crime than deliberately denying access to water or deliberately poisoning it for profit. However, as we see climate change effects increasing in concert with populations rising we will see more of this privitization in an effort to steal it, divert it and control it to make it accessible only to those who can afford it.

There is no mistaking, the global water crisis is the moral crisis of our time.