2011: bringing water to those who need it

Charity Water

Charity Water has been doing wonderful things to bring potable water to those who need it most. Over four thousand projects this year alone. In the coming years with climate change and pollution having a greater effect in a world with a growing population, potable water and sanitation will be even more essential to life.

There is no better gift to give than water. To see the smile on the face of a child as they put clean water from a tap to their lips for the first time to drink is unlike any other.

2011 was a year in which we saw more water sources compromised by scarcity, pollution and the effects of climate change (such as drought, evaporation, floods.) This coming year will be no less of a challenge. However, when we work together for a common cause we can do wonders.

Let us make 2012 the year we begin to heal this planet and bring this living liquid to all in our world who need it.

Water Is Life.

1 in 8 people, nearly 900 million worldwide, lack safe drinking water.

80% of diseases stem from unsafe water and insufficient sanitation.

3,575 million people die each year from a lack of safe drinking water, latrines and hand-washing stations.

4,100 of those deaths are children, 90% of them under age 5.

40 billion hours a year are spent by African people, usually women, walking to fetch water.

$20 can provide clean water for one person.

$1 invested in improved water access and sanitation can lead to an average of $12 in economic returns.

Source: World Health Organization, charity: water.

As 2012 starts I will be featuring other water organizations also working to provide potable water to those who need it most.