October 15: Blog Action day: Water

October 15, this Friday is Blog Action Day when thousands of voices across the Internet speak out for one important issue affecting us all. This year the issue is water, and it could not be a more important and crucial issue. From climate change, pollution, to privitization water is quickly becoming a resource we will have less of if we continue to ignore this defining issue of our future and that will leave us without a future.

This blog will be participating in this and I hope if you have one you will sign up as well.


Anonymous said…
A great initiative - thanks for posting. The value of freshwater ecosystems is so often taken for granted.

You might be interested to see our blog on freshwater biodiversity for the event, at: http://biofreshblog.wordpress.com/2010/10/15/getting-it-together-for-freshwater-ecosystems/

Many thanks, and all the best
Rob @ BioFresh
Robert Ware said…
Jan, Robert Ware here. Please contact me at nationalwaterfund@yahoo.com and seriously we need to talk, it would be a good thing. :)