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Where China's Rivers Run Dry

This report begs the question: At what price progress?
Where China's Rivers Run Dry

By Orville Schell

April 16, 2007 issue - The view from the top of the luxurious Morgan Centre (which will soon host a seven-star hotel) down onto Beijing's Olympic Green, where the 2008 Summer Games will begin in less than 500 days, is breathtaking. There, far below, lies the stunning Herzog & de Meuron-designed "bird nest" Olympic Stadium. Right next to it is the equally mesmerizing National Aquatics Center, a square structure with bubbled blue translucent walls known as the Water Cube. International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge has called this soon-to-be-completed sports complex "nothing short of staggering."

How successfully Beijing has turned the Games into a global coming-out party is—for anyone who, like me, came to know China when Mao still held sway—a mind-bending accomplishment. What has happened here in the intervening years is perhaps the m…

Warming Could Spark Water Scramble

Warming Could Spark Water Scramble

By Timothy Gardner Wed Apr 11, 6:42 PM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Climate change could diminish North American water supplies and trigger disputes between the United States and Canada over water reserves already stressed by industry and agriculture, U.N. experts said on Wednesday.

More heat waves like those that killed more than 100 people in the United States in 2006, storms like the killer hurricanes that struck the Gulf of Mexico in 2005 and wildfires are likely in North America as temperatures rise, according to a new report that provided regional details on a U.N. climate panel study on global warming issued in Brussels on April 6.

Severe weather already costs North America tens of billions of dollars annually in productivity and damaged property, and those costs are expected to rise, the U.N. report said. The broadest effects of climate change will be water problems across the entire continent -- including more frequent droughts, urban flooding and a …

Water and Youth

Water and Youth
Afirming the right to water, the right to life!

We are youth from every corner of the planet who are launching projects linked to water; whether they be to guarantee the right to access to safe water, promote integrated management of basins, affect public policy, to promote a new water culture, etc. Looking at the wonderful experiences that have risen out of the minds and hands of youth, and taking into account the enormous power of transformation we are attaining, an idea emerged: to combine this energy to build a global youth movement in support of water.

Such an undertaking involves numerous challenges, among them, meeting one another and establishing connections; valuing different ways of seeing and understanding the world; systemizing, sharing and replicating initiatives; finding mechanisms for building consensus; creating one voice which influences decision-making processes.


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