Water and Youth

Water and Youth
Afirming the right to water, the right to life!

We are youth from every corner of the planet who are launching projects linked to water; whether they be to guarantee the right to access to safe water, promote integrated management of basins, affect public policy, to promote a new water culture, etc. Looking at the wonderful experiences that have risen out of the minds and hands of youth, and taking into account the enormous power of transformation we are attaining, an idea emerged: to combine this energy to build a global youth movement in support of water.

Such an undertaking involves numerous challenges, among them, meeting one another and establishing connections; valuing different ways of seeing and understanding the world; systemizing, sharing and replicating initiatives; finding mechanisms for building consensus; creating one voice which influences decision-making processes.


Hotel Bauen,
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From the 12th to the 14th of April 2007, more than 400 young people highly involved on the water issue will join their voices in the First International Meeting "Water and Youth" to debate this subject. During these 3 days, the participants will share their successful experiences; and will define a new strategy in order to make changes in their communities.

This new platform is a unique opportunity to form dialog between the main figures of our society: several Ministers of Youth and Environment from different countries, as well as representatives of international organizations such as WHO, OIJ, organizations of the civil society and personalities recognized for by their actions toward environment and youth will be present during this meeting. The business world will also share its experience of environmental and social responsibility

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Our youth are our future. This initiative seeks to get youth involved in understanding the importance of a precious resource that is now in crisis. If you are interested, please go to the link above and find out what you can do in educating our youth and involving them in the solution.